The blockchain is speeding up business operations and making them smarter. It is poised to disrupt many industries, including healthcare, supply chain, financial services, etc. If you are an entrepreneur looking to invest in blockchain technology, you should understand the entire blockchain development process.

This guide is intended for you who know 5 essential steps to develop a blockchain. 

Step 1. Identify the problem and goal

Before delving deeper into the blockchain development process, we must define a problem statement. At this point, you should understand what problems the proposed solution is expected to solve.

Make sure that investing time and effort in blockchain will benefit your business capabilities. You can also migrate your existing application to the blockchain network rather than starting from scratch.

Determine whether your application requires blockchain by identifying a blockchain use case.

For instance, if you are a food supplier looking to develop a supply chain application based on blockchain, you should be aware of the application’s various use cases and how they will help your company and the consumer.

The next step is to select the best blockchain platform for your project after determining that your company needs a blockchain-based solution.

5 essential steps to develop a blockchain you can't ignore

Step 2. Identify the suitable blockchain platform

You need a blockchain platform to build a decentralized application without creating a blockchain from scratch. The blockchain platform you require is determined by the consensus mechanism and the problems you intend to solve.

Here are some blockchain platforms to consider based on their functionality and mechanism:

Step 3. Blockchain Ideation

Once you’ve determined the problem and blockchain platform on which to build the application, it’s time to start brainstorming ideas and business requirements.

You must evaluate, formulate, and prioritize use cases for blockchain experimentation during this stage of the blockchain development process.

Choose which components to include as on-chain and off-chain business entities. Prepare a product roadmap detailing when you intend to release alpha, beta, and ready-to-launch application versions.

The primary deliverable of blockchain creativity is the creation of an application’s conceptual workflow and blockchain model.

Determine whether the application must be built on a permission or permissionless network.

While brainstorming ideas, you must also decide on your application’s front-end programming language, external database, and servers.

After you’ve developed your ideas, you should create a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the product’s viability.

Step 4. Developing a proof-of-concept

A proof-of-concept is a way to show the applicability of a blockchain project, and it can be either a conceptual model or a working prototype.

To demonstrate the feasibility of your project, you can go through the following stages:

  • Theoretical Build-up
  • Prototype

Step 5. The Choice between Public and Private

5 essential steps to develop a blockchain you can't ignore

One of developers’ most common concerns when designing blockchain projects is whether to use a public or private blockchain. It would help if you determined whether a public or private blockchain is better suited to your requirements. Public blockchains are slow, resource-intensive, and costly, but they provide significant benefits such as transparency, independence, and trustless environments.

Private Blockchain offers the value of cost savings and speed while posing the disadvantage of limited access. It does not grant unrestricted access or privileges to check transaction history or create new blocks. Furthermore, unlike public blockchain, private blockchain lacks adequate transparency and anonymity. As a result, when making decisions in this step, developers should consider the long-term applications of a blockchain solution.


That are five essential steps to develop a blockchain you can’t ignore. If you need a team of blockchain development experts to help you build a blockchain-based application, our experts can guide you through every process step. Contact SmartOSC right away!

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