Increased acceptance and knowledge sharing have aided the spontaneous growth of cryptocurrency over the last decade. Blockchain investors have formed various communities to help them stay informed about the crypto world.

Every digital currency is surrounded by a community, each with competing interests as well as the eagerness to sell you their exceptional plans for the future of blockchain. Choosing where to focus your efforts as a beginner can take time and effort. This article will help you better understand blockchain communities and show you our top blockchain communities.

What is a blockchain community?

Blockchain communities are groups of people with a common interest in cryptocurrency investing. These communities allow investors to share news, exchange ideas or opinions, and ask questions. They are typically created and maintained through popular platforms for online messaging.

Top 5 blockchain communities managers can learn from

Cryptocurrencies are complicated, and members of crypto communities understand this as their responsibility to educate others, given that the branch of technology is new and knowledge is limited.

Benefits of blockchain communities 

Some of the advantages of joining a blockchain community are as follows:

Sense of Belonging

As a blockchain community member, you can interact with a wide range of like-minded people, including newcomers, traders, and platform owners.

Effective Communication

For a beginner, the world of cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming. Through communities, people with similar interests from all over the world can share ideas and stay up to date. For example, having an online community makes it possible to access blockchain marketplaces. There is always someone available to answer any questions about available services.

Increased Moneymaking Opportunities

When people join a community, they have a better chance of learning something new. They might be curious about a specific cryptocurrency, product, or service. More opportunities emerge from networking as more people join online crypto communities.

Customer Service and Engagement

Customer support that communities can provide includes the availability and accessibility to immediate feedback and opinions.

Top 5 blockchain communities

Top 5 blockchain communities managers can learn from


Bitcointalk is, without a doubt, the gold standard for the crypto community on the internet. This platform has 3 million posts and 2 million members. There are sections for speculation, mining, development, technical support, IOC, and other topics. The website is also available in twenty different languages.

Reddit – /r/bitcoin 

In terms of cryptocurrency, Reddit has the most isolated and niche communities. It’s a great place to visit but be warned: tribalism is strong, and if you support the “wrong coin” on the wrong subreddit, you might get banned.

Reddit – /r/cryptocurrency

While the /r/bitcoin subreddit is dedicated to Bitcoin news, the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit is dedicated to information and speculation about other altcoins. Because /r/bitcoin is so pro-BTC, /r/cryptocurrency never mentions the mother coin. If you’re interested in alts, this is the place to talk about them.


Telegram, also a chatting app, is seen as a competitor to WhatsApp. Many Crypto professionals have formed groups. Some groups require a small fee, while others are free.


Discord, like Telegram, has live chats and servers dedicated to different crypto communities. Discord may be your place if you want to talk in real-time and sometimes over voice chat. However, Discord DMs are frequently populated by bots and scammers, so use caution when using the platform! Anyone offering you “free money” should be avoided.


The blockchain market is highly volatile, with only a few stablecoins. Regardless, it is critical to associate with communities that aim to help people better understand and stay current on the blockchain. Joining some top blockchain communities can help you learn more about how things work and find great trading opportunities if you are a crypto enthusiast. Contact SmartOSC if you care about blockchain development services.

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