Along with the fast development of blockchain technology, there are a lot of establishments of new blockchain platforms to meet the demand of the business in 2022. With various options, the businesses may face challenges to decide the best-matched one for their operation. Therefore, our article today will suggest top blockchain platforms and link them to your business demand to help you make decisions.

Top Blockchain Platforms Can Be Suit For Your Businesses


Top blockchain platforms to get started in 2022

Was established in 2012, the initial purposes of Ripple are to connect digital transactions, process payments and connect with banks. Businesses can take advantage of this blockchain platform to empower crypto transactions, as well as strengthen the payment stage. Ripple allows businesses to create their own financial tools and leverage the power of XRP, a cryptocurrency on RippleNet.

RippleNet offers businesses a trustworthy decentralized network to build different solutions with a high level of transparency.


Top blockchain platforms to get started in 2022

Considered one of the most remarkable new-generation blockchain platforms, Cardano is innovative and high-secured. Was formed upon smart contracts, the most priority function of Cardano is to create dApps, which can meet the strict business requirements, powerful and scalable. It could be a mistake if we do not mention Ouroboros, which can secure your system in the version of the proof-of-stake algorithm. When utilizing it, most transactions of your businesses will be checked legit carefully. 

Like other blockchain platforms, Cardano is also transparent, trustworthy, scalable and can support your business, even for the first time using blockchain. 


Top blockchain platforms to get started in 2022

Ethereum has been extremely well-known as it is a long-established, most standard and common blockchain platform today. It is one of the most effective decentralized networks for businesses, that they can take advantage to increase productivity, and enhance collaboration via immediate updates and notifications. Ethereum follows a formal standard of smart contracts to ensure powerful and smooth operation for any company. Ethereum also offers a wide range of decentralized apps for users.

With this platform, your developers can create various kinds of solutions for your business such as payment, games, digital wallets and so on. However, the Ethereum platform is dealing with slow response and pretty high transaction fees. 


Top blockchain platforms to get started in 2022

Considered as an extension of Ethereum và Bitcoin, EOS provides additional features that we couldn’t find in Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain. This blockchain platform also offers smart contract functions, hosting services and a decentralized network for businesses. EOS possess various features, including the most modern ones, so businesses can take advantage and build different blockchain solution.

Hyperledger Fabric

Top blockchain platforms to get started in 2022

Large enterprises, especially those who want to create various complicated solutions with different tiny parts, should utilize Hyperledger Fabric. The most remarkable advantage that this blockchain platform can give your businesses is strong security and data privacy and the users can maintain strong collaboration within the network such as sellers and buyers.


We have mentioned the top blockchain platforms with basic information and what they can do for your businesses. We hope you can confidently choose one for your business, and then start to utilise it. Moreover, if you want to have more information as well as more powerful approaches to start with blockchain platforms, you can try to contact SmartOSC Blockchain to get the best advice and strategies. 

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