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    WHY US

    We can provide top-tier blockchain developers

    Scalable team
    Large talent pool of 100+ Blockchain developers harness scalability of your project
    Development process
    15+ years experience Technical Leads accompany you on journey to success
    Precise planning
    Experienced Consultants & BAs map out your Blockchain development project with ease by accurate data-driven analysis

    Our process

    How we can work together

    Goal sharing
    Meeting with our expert to clarify your goals and current resources
    Finding the right people in our team for your projects
    Engagement model
    Choose the most appropriate engagement model for your project


    Our capabilities

    We are always open to expand our range of services. So if you don't see your ideal platform in the list, talk to us!









    Hire blockchain development experts to solve

    Smart contracts
    Implement auto-executing contracts to your business process
    Guarantee high security for your blockchain system
    Crypto Development
    Build crypto projects like gaming, DeFi, crypto wallets


    Our skills

    High-level programming language proficiency

    Deep understanding of Blockchain Technology

    Proactive problem-solving

    Excellent communication

    Perceptive of cryptography and security principles

    Experienced with P2P network, smart contracts, distributed systems


    Blockchain development takes tremendous effort to get started

    SmartOSC Blockchain provides a vast selection of crypto experts and blockchain developers for you to work with

    SmartOSC Blockchain developers currently support JS, nodejs, solidity, rust, vuejs, golang…

    If you have something else in mind, we are always open to learning and improving our skillset

    Developers within the blockchain space may specialize in many different fields

    Dapps developers work with blockchain to create applications for multiple industries; Solidity devs focus on EVM and smart contracts; NFT devs assist with tokenization

    SmartOSC Blockchain’s developer catalog are well-skilled in all aspect of blockchain development

    With crypto and blockchain, it’s highly recommended that everyone do research before beginning development

    SmartOSC Blockchain has experience in providing blockchain solutions for many businesses and individuals within the crypto space, get connected to industry experts with us


    Leaders & Advisors

    Hieu Nguyen

    Hieu Nguyen


    Khanh Nguyen

    Khanh Nguyen


    Le Phan

    Le Phan


    Huyen Ta

    Huyen Ta


    Hien Vu

    Hien Vu

    Finance Advisor

    Duc Nguyen

    Duc Nguyen

    Security Advisor

    Boris O.

    Boris O.

    Blockchain advisor

    Ciaran McNamee

    Ciaran McNamee

    Strategic Advisor

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