Nowadays, more and more companies adopt blockchain for their business operation to enhance productivity, accuracy and consistency. Blockchain can bring a lot of promising results than you imagined. Therefore we are here today to draw a picture of your business operation after adopting blockchain and we also mention some notable risks that you need to pay attention to for a better result.

Investigate On How Blockchain Changes Business Operations

Your Business Transformation

Accounting Activities

How can blockchain change business operations and are there any risk?

Businesses especially the large ones usually need to do a large amount and complicated accounting tasks in a daily context. The challenges become harder when those companies go globally and need better control of their accounting and finance. Therefore, they may need the support of blockchain to reinforce the effectiveness and accuracy of the accounting department. Blockchain technology allow authorized users to have a transparent view of balance and debt status and easily access it without waiting for a long-response acceptance. Moreover, the business can save human efforts as the auditors will no longer need to check and verify accounts manually.


How can blockchain change business operations and are there any risk?

One of the most remarkable fields of business transformation under blockchain technology is powerful operation. Business operations benefit from this technology a lot, including better accuracy, consistency and tight collaboration among employees to do business tasks. Blockchain with a decentralized network creates opportunities for people in charge to get involved in the projects, share information and get immediate notifications about the progress.

Human Resources

How can blockchain change business operations and are there any risk?

Businesses also can upgrade their human resource department with the support of blockchain technology. The work experience and achievements, work history and portfolio of employees can be stored on the network with high-secured protection and the HR department can use those data to evaluate staff performance and provide bonuses and compensation. Also, the data can be used for a network of various companies to control the true information about each candidate, which can not be adjusted to reduce the risks of fake achievements and wrong evaluation, Moreover, the HR department can take advantage of blockchain technology for a faster and more convenient payroll system.


How can blockchain change business operations and are there any risk?

Each company today needs to store a considerable amount of data about business strategies, customer data, employee information, financial statistics and so on. Therefore, they need more secure protection for the data warehouse. As you know, blockchain technology provides a powerful shield for your data storage, which require authentication and verification for each access. Moreover, companies also can enhance their system security as blockchain is transparent and highly resistant to leakages and auditable. 

Notable Blockchain Security Risks

How can blockchain change business operations and are there any risk?

As large businesses need to collaborate between parties and connect with external partners, they need to ensure the outsiders are trustworthy to get involved in the network and thus reduce security risks.  

Moreover, your cryptographic key is also subjected to outsider attackers to do bad things. Therefore, you can replace it with a hardware security mode, which can not be duplicated or exported. 


Your business operation transformation under blockchain technology is promising. Therefore, the business runners should adopt blockchain carefully, to attain expected results as well as avoid the possible risks we mentioned above. If you are still having concerns, try to contact SmartOSC Blockchain to get the best advice and strategies to transform your business with blockchain. 

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