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    Shortcut to multi-chain and growth

    Users expansion
    Attract the audiences that Ethereum is missing due to gas price
    Early-bird advantages
    Benefit from experiences and a fast-growing ecosystem
    Resources access
    Available pre-built integration, tools, assets and infrastructure services

    Why us

    Scalable team
    100+ blockchain experts ready to take you to the moon
    Development process
    Our 15+ years of experience ensure you a smooth process
    Precise planning
    We use data-driven analysis to create the most accurate development plan
    Constant improvement
    Our team is learning new technologies and horning skills every day

    Our process

    How we can work together

    Smart contracts, NFT marketplaces, dApps, DeFi products, GameFi, Metaverse
    Marketing services
    Strategy, advisory, community expansion, brand activation, campaigns, activities
    Testing & security
    Smart contract & dApp testing, security audit, 24/7 MDR, pentest
    Goal sharing
    Meeting with our expert to clarify your goals and current resources
    Craft the right strategy and assemble resources for your project
    Engagement model
    Choose an appropriate engagement model


    Blockchains are systems with peer-to-peer structure, where users share and access data

    Blockchains have Smart Contracts, see below for more information

    Moonbeam is a blockchain connection platform designed using Polkadot

    Moonbeam blockchain allows developers and traders to move dApps and crypto assets seamlessly across different blockchains

    Moonriver is a sister blockchain to Moonbeam, allowing users more customization and testing flexibility

    Moonbeam is a specialized product, so it’s recommended that you understand it thoroughly before using it

    For expert consultation and development plans on Moonbeam and Moonricver, SmartOSC Blockchain can assist you on this journey

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