Thanks to blockchain technology, we are witnessing a lot of positive changes in our business world. As blockchain can give enterprises promising growth, sky-high productivity, and other merits, a lot of businesses are planning to implement blockchain into their operation. Our article today will give you the ultimate guide to adopting blockchain smoothly and effectively.

Ultimate Guide To Implement Blockchain In Your Business

Define Your Business Purpose

Before implementing blockchain, you need to identify your purposes, needs and requirements. The reasons why you need blockchain implementation may decide the main features and models of your blockchain technology. Moreover, you need to provide the requirements and expectations when implementing them to your teammates and solution companies so they can give you the advice as well as develop a detailed roadmap. 

Create A Proof of Concept

Next, you need to make a proof of concept which is used to evaluate the realistic implementation of your business. The necessary elements that can contribute to a persuasive proof of concept include the business’s current problems, the expected positive results, and how blockchain implementation can strengthen the business operation. To create a proof, you need to come up with and stick to a set of guidelines to illustrate the extent of your project. Next, you need to create a detailed prototype that includes the sketches, code architecture and test it. Finally, you need to investigate your MVP which includes the most priority features that you want to add to your blockchain process. 

Choose The Blockchain Platforms

Next, we need to select the most suitable blockchain platform. The different blockchain platform was suitable with different train solutions and blockchain models. You need to take a look at each platform to have a better understanding.  Ethereum is a very popular blockchain platform that supports various organizations to use blockchain solutions and applied technology in the operation. Quorum is famous for its ability to minimize data tampering. Moreover, it also can ensure the security and privacy of the whole system. Hyperledger Fabric specializes in developing private blockchain applications for particular businesses and companies.

Choose The Blockchain Solutions

To choose the right blockchain solution to support your business operation you need to have a better understanding of blockchain technology. For example, you need to know the infrastructure of the blockchain, the features of this technology, and whether it is suitable for your current platform. If you find it difficult to decide the appropriate solution for your business you can contact SmartOSC to receive helpful solutions.

Moreover, you need to pay special attention to the smart contract because the rules of the contract can help your transactions be conducted transparently and automatically.

Select The Protocol

In the final step, you need to decide on the written protocol for your implementation. There are some kinds of the popular protocols including proof of work which can validate the transaction and allow new blocks to be produced, proof of stake, delegated proof of stake, BFT, proof of weight and so on.


We have given you the detailed steps of blockchain implementation. We hope you can confidently implement blockchain in your business to increase productivity, accuracy and security.

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