You might not be aware of these 2022 blockchain trends

You might not be aware of these 2022 blockchain trends

Blockchain is the ground-breaking database technology that powers nearly all cryptocurrencies.  Meme Coin’s Birth Two well-known Meme coins were born, becoming two significant sources of fee income for exchanges. Dogecoin has reached 22 billion USD, while Shiba Inu has surpassed 18 billion USD. There is no unified definition of a Meme coin in the crypto […]

blockchain application development

Should you invest in internal blockchain application development or outsource the task?

Firms worldwide find more and more perks that blockchain application development can bring. Nevertheless, once you determine to rely on it, try to answer this critical question: Should I invest in internal blockchain development or outsource the task? Ahead, we are answering that question. Pros and cons of investing in internal blockchain application development There […]

Solana vs Ethereum development

Solana vs Ethereum development: which is right for your project

Ethereum is surely a familiar term in the crypto enthusiast community. Usually bragged about as the ‘crypto queen’, this open-source decentralized blockchain has undeniably reinforced its position in the blockchain world. Nevertheless, as promising blockchain platforms such as Solana have made their introductions, can Solana compare to Ethereum? Between Solana vs Ethereum development, which is […]

P2P crypto exchange development

The basis of P2P crypto exchange development

P2P crypto exchange development is powerful and intuitive. In this post, aside from providing you with essential definitions related, we try to assist you in better understanding P2P exchange software. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. Definition of cryptocurrency exchange The cryptocurrency exchange refers to a platform that allows you to purchase and sell […]