If you plan to build any blockchain project, you need to know what is currently popular with your target audiences. This topic is about the top 4 blockchain wallets investors are using in 2022.

Trust wallet 

Top 4 blockchain wallets investors are using in 2022

Trust wallet is famous for its security. This is one of the most popular blockchain wallets in general. This app allows the users a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to efficiently and securely manage their crypto assets. Every repository comes with its private key, so only the owner of the wallet has the right to inspect and trade assets in the Trust Wallet. This supports 82 languages all over the world wallet is available, you can download it for free in almost any operating system (Android, IOS,…). This wallet is also supported by Binance. If your account is hacked due to any faulty wallet system, Binance will compensate users for any losses.

Has been built in a Web3 browser that allows users to access Dapps on the decentralized internet securely and seamlessly, Trust wallet seems to be a perfect selection for novice investors entering the financial market. Together with the support of Binance, Trust Wallet is currently developing several attractive features such as market management, customizable network, network testing, and exchange of decentralized nature combined with integrations with Binance’s infrastructure.

Exodus wallet – most security blockchain wallets

Well known as a high-tech blockchain wallet, Exodus wallet has become more and more popular. Allowing users to store Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and almost ERC 20 tokens, this wallet makes investing become easier than ever. By using this wallet, you can exchange funds with other investors to diversify your investment portfolio. The highlight of Exodus Wallet is its simple design, which supports online transactions and payments. In Particular, you can link this wallet to your Trezor hardware wallet to keep your tokens safer. 

Meta Mask – 

Top 4 blockchain wallets investors are using in 2022

Designed Ethereum-based tokens and cryptocurrencies, Mata Mask is almost the best blockchain wallet for new investors. Currently, due to increasing user demand, Meta Mask has an application version for both mobile phones and an extension (Extension) on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox,…

Firstly outstanding advantage of this wallet is usability. Access to the blockchain exchanges by using Meta Mask, users can install and access it easily because it can be downloaded from the browser extension without any trouble. Additionally, Meta Mask provides good customer support service. All of the detailed instructions are available (including the wallet creation process and wallet management). It’s recommended by financial investment experts for beginner investors. This blockchain wallet received positive reviews from investors because of its advantages.

Coinbase Wallet

Known widely as a standalone application that allows users to store or deposit their cryptocurrency and explore the decentralized web using a dApp browse. It admits investors to exchange cryptocurrency without having any Coinbase wallet account. Even if coin base wallet is not accepted in a few nations, this app still becomes common in almost all blockchain exchanges and investors because it is a hosted wallet service that will allow any user in the world to use it. Outstanding Features of Coinbase Wallet must have been noticed firstly, is the product of a reputable exchange with many years of experience that is Security support with advanced technology. Using this wallet, users can store multiple cryptocurrencies and NFT. This wallet is also Compatible with hardware blockchain wallets like Keep Pay, and Trezor with a low transaction fee and good customer support services.

Choosing blockchain wallets to integrate is an important decision. Providing convenience for users can help you reach the largest pool of users. If you need consultation for your blockchain project, contact us here.

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