In this day and age, more and more businesses such as P&G and other Fortune 500 firms have made use of private blockchain development services to get the best out of their business processes. There are many important advantages of using these services for your business, including the ones to be mentioned in this post.

What are Private Blockchains?

What are Private Blockchains?

Private blockchains refer to peer-to-peer networks appertaining to the distributed ledger technology (for example, Bitcoin) yet not enabling the public access. They are among the key kinds of blockchains. Not as is the case with the public blockchain, private blockchain access needs granting. We mean that permission is necessary for writing and reading transactions.

Often, private blockchain development services do not ask for the agreement of every node in the network to realize transactions. That is why in these blockchains, you gain more centralized power compared to public blockchains, increasing their efficiency in transaction processing.

Advantages of using private blockchain development services for your business

As the private blockchain has closed-off nature and swift processing speeds of transactions, they are ideal for companies. For more information about their advantages, read below.

Lower Costs

The development of smart contracts has allowed the network procedures to become mainly automatic. As a result, any kind of administrative and running costs gets lower. The fees for the network transactions decrease as well, as instead of every node, just a couple of reliable ones are necessary for verifying them. 


With private blockchain development services, there are a restricted number of participants. That is why downtime on these networks sees a considerable decrease while there is optimization in uptime. Further, nodes have an improved connection and faults get repaired with more ease.



The private blockchain development services come with limits to access. Indeed, only reliable parties have access. When necessary, there is access restriction as well. Entirely, this ensures that confidential data does not leak. Moreover, no matter what the blockchain nature is, any stored data is in good hands (meaning cryptographically secured).


The networks of these blockchains have enhanced scalability and better transaction throughput known as a critical must-have for companies. They are capable of processing much more files as opposed to public blockchains as not every node should take part in the transaction validation. Validation may apply to only some nodes with higher power of processing.


Thanks to the private blockchain development services, your business gains control over the infrastructure that enables it to comply with legislative requirements with more ease. Additionally, not as is the case with the public blockchain, the companies that run it can alter the private blockchain regulations. In other words, in these networks, it is Ok for transactions to get reverted and balances to be adjusted, if need be.

In conclusion, we hope that you can have a better picture of the private blockchain development services and the advantages of using them for your business. For more support, please feel free to contact SmartOCS.

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