Business models evolve, sometimes due to market changes and sometimes because of technological advancements, resulting in the emergence of new and exciting trends. It relates to blockchain security solutions. Here are the top 5 trusted blockchain security solutions.


SmartOSC provides blockchain security solutions with excellent services such as security audit with full-fledged assessment for smart contract, wallet, dApp, protocol vulnerability; 24/7 MDR with round-the-clock managed detection and response services with the proactive investigation and fast response; pentest with penetration test for your web, mobile app or network to tighten security measures. 

Top 5 trusted blockchain security solutions

Besides, SmartOSC has worked on projects of all sizes throughout our 15+ years of operation. Our team of over 100 blockchain experts can take your project to the next level. We ensure your project is developed with the latest and top-tier technology. SmartOSC’s services help you against these threats such as financial loss, privilege escalation attack, packet sniffing, integrity issues, race condition attacks, key theft, DoS attack, social engineering, logic flaws, and other tampering.


Government agencies, financial institutions, exchanges, and insurance companies can use a blockchain-based platform for data, software, services, and research.

Blockchain-based platform for government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and insurance companies to access data, software, services, and research. It provides many solutions for businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies, such as blockchain-based payment fraud prevention and compliance management solutions, malicious activity monitoring solutions and digital identity, transaction-based risk scoring solutions, due diligence and investigation tools, and more.


Top 5 trusted blockchain security solutions

AI-powered cryptocurrency payments and fraud prevention for businesses. Merchants can accept cryptocurrencies for payments. There is a global on-ramp for credit and debit card transactions. It will enable merchants to accept cryptocurrency payments for various goods and services. It also offers escrow services for a variety of fiat-crypto transactions.

Simplex can provide optimal blockchain services in various industries and sectors based on their extensive track records and experience in blockchain technology built in the financial industry. They help their clients start new blockchain-related businesses with these services.


Fireblocks are a blockchain security service provider for digital asset movement, storage, and issuance. It is a user-friendly digital asset security platform that assists financial institutions in protecting digital assets from theft or hackers by utilizing breakthrough MPC and patent-pending chip isolation technology to secure private keys, API credentials, and eliminate the need for deposit addresses.

Fireblocks offer cryptocurrency financial solutions. It provides solutions such as cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchange platforms, cryptocurrency trading platforms, asset tokenization, and more. It also provides tools for automated crypto transaction governance and control.


Top 5 trusted blockchain security solutions

Solutions for transaction monitoring and fraud prevention for cryptocurrency businesses. It provides blockchain analytics, crypto compliance, financial crime risk management, and other solutions for crypto businesses. It also provides solutions such as elliptic discovery for detecting and assessing crypto-asset exposure, a lens for checking crypto wallets, and a navigator for controlling crypto risk, among others.


As the world realizes that cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, and smart contracts are the new frontier of financial instruments, threats emerge. When your technological stack is novel and based on new cryptography-based technologies, mitigating regulatory pressure and cybersecurity risks is more challenging. 

Cryptocurrencies must combine novel cryptography with traditional data, application, and product security to solve blockchain security issues. That is all about the top 5 trusted blockchain security solutions that can help your company.

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