Nearly 300 billion cryptocurrencies around the world are being powered by blockchain networks, and we have over a million smart contracts that run solely on Ethereum. Let’s check out the Top 5 blockchain security service companies.


SmartOSC is one of the trusted and fast-growing blockchain security companies. The company has developed a decentralized proof-of-work engine that acts as a guarantee or mathematical guarantee that the blockchain ecosystem is bug-free and secure from hackers.

Top 5 blockchain security service companies

SmartOSC Coffers the following products to their customers:

  • Security audits on smart contracts and blockchain to identify weaknesses and recommend solutions.
  • Penetration Test simulates an attack to expose the most complex vulnerabilities on crypto exchanges, wallets, and Dapps.

Up to now, SmartOSC has been able to detect more than 100,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code and has worked with over 5000 enterprise customers. 

SmartOSC is one of the blockchain security companies that have maintained its unique vision to protect and secure blockchain networks and smart contracts from hackers and make the crypto space trustworthy. Trust, wallets, traders, and Dapps to the bank.


Fireblocks is not just a blockchain security company, they are also a cybersecurity company specializing in blockchain, digital assets, finance, cryptography, and cryptocurrencies.

The company is headquartered in New York and also has offices globally in countries such as; the United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, and France with over 200 employees and over 20 investors.

Fireblock is one of the well-known blockchain security companies that provide financial solutions to protect financial institutions holding digital assets such as cryptocurrencies from cyber criminals and make their platforms more accessible. resistance to hackers. They are built using next-generation technologies to help solve future security and operational challenges.

Top 5 blockchain security service companies


Slowest is also a blockchain security company founded in 2018. To become a global force, the company was founded by a team with more than 10 years of experience in cybersecurity. 

They have worked with several famous projects, such as Binance, imToken,, Amber Group, Klaytn, EOS, 1inch, PancakeSwap, TUSD, OKEx, Alpaca Finance, MultiChain, O3Swap, Huaobi, and others similar.

With the help of the experienced and intelligent teams that make everything work in this company, they can identify threats in the blockchain system and come up with effective solutions by providing solutions. Comprehensive security solutions tailored to their client’s projects.


The company CipherTrace is headquartered in Menlo, California, founded in 2015 and acquired by Mastercard in 2021.

Over the years, CipherTrace is a company that has been used by leading exchanges, banks, digital asset businesses, and even investigators to track transaction flows and promote trust and confidence, believe in the crypto space, and enforce anti-money laundering regulations.

They provide solutions such as encryption of virtual assets and protection of banks, card issuers, and payment processors from money laundering risks, virtual asset laundering risks, and ultimately money settlement risks. virtual with their database system.

Top 5 blockchain security service companies


Coinfirm has grown to become a well-known management technology company focused on digital currency and blockchain-based financial ecosystems.

Coinfirm’s industry-leading risk management solution has been considered the backbone for the long-term scaling of cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems. Their solutions have been deployed in projects covering finance, anti-trafficking, and the global digital economy.

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