Blockchain applications have gained popularity, assuming blockchain will become an essential technology infrastructure. The advertising industry is no exception to the digital ledgers’ disruptive influence, which is expected to grow to $176 billion by 2025. Native advertising is a near-perfect match for digital ledger technology because of its ability to monetize web media of any size.

To use advertising technology based on digital ledgers, you should first learn how the technology works. Fortunately, you will not require a comprehensive blockchain development tutorial or knowledge of the blockchain programming language. A look at the capabilities of the following top 4 blockchain advertising platforms will give you an understanding of the future.

1. Qchain

Top 4 blockchain advertising platforms to examine

QChain is a digital ledger application that makes it easier to buy and sell digital advertising, including native advertising. This blockchain advertising platform aims to transform the entire digital marketing industry.

Qchain’s emphasis on influencer marketing, and native advertising contributes to its allure. Direct transacting in native advertising inventory is possible with the solution. Qchain is dedicated to creating a smooth and seamless advertising experience that benefits all participants. Smaller advertisers accessing native advertising more efficiently on this transparent platform are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries of Qchain.

While Qchain is still in its early stages, it has enormous potential for advertisers and digital media owners.

2. AdHive

AdHive is one of the leading platforms for advertising platforms based on blockchain technology. This ad-tech startup has developed a platform that automates native advertising placement with influencers.

Top 4 blockchain advertising platforms to examine

Instead of arranging native ad units case by case, the digital ledger matching system instantly places many units. In native advertising, this results in increased efficiency and time savings.

AdHive solves an essential problem for advertisers by verifying advertising contracts and service levels. The platform employs an artificial intelligence solution to ensure that advertising tasks are completed, after which the reward is distributed using blockchain smart contracts.

3. AdEx

AdEx’s mission is to eliminate advertising fraud and ensure that advertisers only pay for legitimate click-throughs. The platform employs blockchain smart contracts to ensure that advertisers receive the results for which they pay. AdEx is based on the Ethereum digital ledger and is suitable for various advertising types.

AdEx improves transparency by using a decentralized approach with an auditable ledger. Advertisers can determine the effectiveness of their advertising dollars to a greater extent than with non-blockchain digital advertising platforms.

Top 4 blockchain advertising platforms to examine

4. ClearCoin

ClearCoin, another digital ledger startup aimed at reducing ad fraud, uses blockchain technology to solve problems that cannot solve with current solutions. The platform takes advantage of blockchains’ ability to prevent double-spending, which occurs when digital resources are sold more than once.

Ad units on the digital ledger are only assigned to one buyer with ClearCoin, and this is done on a public digital ledger that is visible to all market participants. ClearCoin provides tools for optimizing your blockchain advertising campaigns, besides the ability to buy native ad units across various ad networks.


Many digital ledger platforms are still in the planning stages. In the meantime, keep marketing on the platforms that provide the best return on investment. However, as digital ledger technology advances, it makes sense to invest some of your advertising funds in reaching audiences through native blockchain advertising platforms. If you need more information on full-service blockchain development solutions, contact SmartOSC.

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