Blockchain is an immutable, shared ledger that provides instant, shared, transparent exchange of encrypted data simultaneously for multiple parties as they initiate and complete a transaction. Because authorized members share a single view of truth, they gain confidence and trust in their dealings with other businesses, as well as new opportunities and efficiencies. So, how to use artificial intelligence to level up your blockchain project – let’s find the key in this following article. 

Combined values of artificial intelligence blockchain


Blockchain’s digital profile provides insights into the framework behind AI and the origin of the data it’s using, addressing the challenge of interpretable AI. This improves trust in the integrity of the data and, in other words, in the recommendations the AI ​​provides. Using blockchain to store and distribute AI models provides a test route, and the pairing of blockchain and AI can enhance data security.

How to use artificial intelligence to level up your blockchain project


Artificial Intelligence can quickly and comprehensively read, understand, and correlate data at incredible speeds, bringing a new level of intelligence to blockchain-based business networks. By providing access to large volumes of data from inside and outside the organization, blockchain helps AI to scale to deliver more useful insights, manage data usage, and share models. while creating a transparent and trusted data economy.


Artificial Intelligence, automation and blockchain can bring new value to multi-stakeholder business processes – eliminating friction, adding, increasing speed and increasing efficiency. For example, AI models embedded in smart contracts executed on the blockchain can recommend expired products for withdrawal, perform transactions – such as re-orders, Pay or buy stock based on set thresholds and events – resolve disputes and choose the most sustainable shipping method.

How to use artificial intelligence to level up your blockchain project

Use cases for using artificial intelligence to level up your blockchain project


From providing treatment insights and supporting user needs to identifying insights from patient data and revealing patterns, AI can help advance almost any area in healthcare. health care. 

Life sciences

Blockchain and AI in the pharmaceutical industry can add visibility and traceability to the drug supply chain while significantly increasing the success rate of clinical trials. Combining advanced data analytics with a decentralized framework for clinical trials enables data integrity, transparency, patient tracking, consent management, and automation of trial participation and collecting data.

Financial services

Blockchain and AI are transforming the financial services industry by creating trust, removing friction from multi-party transactions, and increasing transaction speed. Review the loan process. The applicant agrees to allow access to personal records stored on the blockchain. Relying on data and automated processes for app review helps drive faster closures and improves customer satisfaction.

How to use artificial intelligence to level up your blockchain project

Supply Chain

By digitizing a largely paper-based process, making data shareable and trusted, and adding intelligence and automation to execute transactions, AI and blockchain are transforming supply chains across industries and creating new opportunities. For example, a manufacturer can track carbon emissions data at the product or part level, adding precision and intelligence to decarbonization efforts.

So, this is the way to use artificial intelligence to level up your blockchain project. Explore our informative guides for a deeper understanding of various aspects of blockchain such as how it works, how to use it, and implementation considerations.

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