Top Cosmos projects and what they've done right

Top Cosmos projects and what they’ve done right

Bitcoin and Litecoin, the initial generation of blockchains, provided a means for consumers to conduct international transactions without the need for a middleman. The ability to create decentralized platforms and applications was provided with Ethereum’s second generation. These blockchains couldn’t communicate with other blockchains and had issues with speed and scalability. They also operated in […]

Solana vs Ethereum development

Solana vs Ethereum development: which is right for your project

Ethereum is surely a familiar term in the crypto enthusiast community. Usually bragged about as the ‘crypto queen’, this open-source decentralized blockchain has undeniably reinforced its position in the blockchain world. Nevertheless, as promising blockchain platforms such as Solana have made their introductions, can Solana compare to Ethereum? Between Solana vs Ethereum development, which is […]

blockchain business model

Read this to find the right blockchain business model

When beginners want to get started with blockchain technology and apply it to their business they need to care about the blockchain business model. There are various blockchain business models on the market today so the starters will find it challenging to decide the most suitable and effective one for their business. Therefore, our article […]

blockchain solutions company

How to find the right blockchain solutions company

The emergence of blockchain has motivated a lot of companies to apply blockchain solutions to support their operation and sales. There are a lot of companies that provide blockchain solutions but it’s difficult to decide which company you should choose. Therefore, our article today will give you some factors that you need to take into […]