When beginners want to get started with blockchain technology and apply it to their business they need to care about the blockchain business model. There are various blockchain business models on the market today so the starters will find it challenging to decide the most suitable and effective one for their business. Therefore, our article today will suggest some criteria that you can apply to your decision-making process to choose the best blockchain model for your business.

Pay Attention To Those Factors To Choose Appropriate Blockchain Business Model


Firstly, you need to take the flywheel into consideration. This is the first layer and plays a fundamental role in your blockchain business model which includes the founders, developers and investors. This layer is vital for the whole business model because they help launch a lot of very first stage processes which are related to the product, marketing, and partnership.  They also contribute to the increased number of tokens as well as motivate minors and validators to support your project. 

Value-added Paradox

Since money flows into crypto assets, people begin to ignore hardware because they seem much simpler to attain and very cost-effective, enabling corporations to stay under the sensor. It is still critical to be a competent selector in layers one and two. Early investors may see greater interest in it than others who are concerned with initiatives such as spending millions when they witness new inventions.

Ability To Defense

The extraordinarily powerful defensibility of the first layer is frequently tied to the coin market wherein the purchasing tokens reward people who join and assist propagate the project’s activities by generating greater desire without imposing such financial stress on them to conduct necessary acts or heavy duties such as owning the right. Moreover, cryptocurrencies are accessible, so everyone can look at the code and observe how elections work from the inside of a project or how decisions are taken.

As a result, it’s unnecessary to elaborate restrictions that require everyone to collaborate as the achievement of projects will still rely mostly on those who understand and would like to do so using their suggestions. This approach gets greater defensive strength, but also more risks because you never know whether this approach is secure. 

Network Influences

Different conceivable goods’ network impacts might acquire from other networks. Centralized and decentralized economies both rely on a decentralized society. Because of mutual benefit, these societies empower them to operate successfully collaboratively and foster same-side network effects, in which the result is distributed across all users.

Cross-side network effects have a unique property that compels one side to utilize the other. These network effects catch economically reasonable audiences on both sides and increase economic obstacles that would discourage market participants from adopting them.

Economies of Scale

Economies of scale support verifiers by enabling defensibility in which every part is included in the system. In fact, the coin is incorporated into wallets and transactions. Also, beneficial apps are connected to the network to support the users, and desirable features are included in protocol specifications.


After spending time on our article, we hope you can confidently make your decisions on a suitable blockchain business model. If you still have some concerns, you can try to contact SmartOSC to get effective approaches.

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