Technologists believe that blockchain could someday replace things like usernames and passwords by providing us—as in, all of us—personalized, encrypted digital identities that we can use to manage everything from online information to our personal medical records. Blockchain will track and store all of the data personal to us, and because of its immutable nature, that info will remain safe and secure. In theory, that’s what personal privacy protection with blockchain could look like. The question is, are we really ready for blockchain to allow us all to create our own digital watermark? And can we really trust it to keep our personal information safe? If yes, then how to find the right blockchain privacy solutions? In this article, we will help you to find out. 

Personal Privacy Protection with Blockchain

One of the biggest issues with trying to build personal privacy protection with blockchain is the fact that privacy and protection are two very different things. The first part, privacy, is a right of the user. (A right that is often violated in today’s digital culture.) The second is the responsibility of the data gatherer. Both privacy and protection are important, but blockchain does one part far better than the other.

Case in point: Because blockchain is immutable, it means that a user will never have the option to go back and “erase” certain parts of their personal history if they wish to remove it from the blockchain itself. In this sense, blockchain privacy solutions are good for security but bad for privacy, which makes its adoption as a personal privacy insurance policy that much more ubiquitous. Since the big hold up here is about having the ability to completely remove data, I am starting to lean toward a slightly different concept which is the ability to control when your data is utilized for a certain experience vs. being able to almost instantly opt-out. 

Personal Privacy Protection with Blockchain: Moving Forward

In today’s marketplace, data is valuable. Every single search we perform on Google, every item we buy online, every time we use our valued customer ID at the grocery store—all of this information is being tracked because it is worth something to someone. That’s where I believe blockchain privacy solutions hold the most personal privacy protection potential.

The reason is because blockchain empowers users to decide which data they are willing to share, and with whom. If they want, they will be able to delete data collected about their visit to a certain porn site. In addition, they could also turn off access to that node of the blockchain to ensure that no one else knows the visit ever happened.


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