This article will show you the Strategies of the top 3 Cronos projects – don’t miss the valuable information!

Strategies of the top 3 Cronos projects

Tectonic (Lending Platform)

Tectonic is an unattended money market protocol based on algorithms that automate transactions. Non-custodial means that the user remains the custodian of their funds. The project allows users to participate as liquidity providers or borrowers.

Providers provide liquidity to the market in hopes of passive income opportunities. Borrowers can borrow liquidity in an over-collateralized fashion (i.e. the amount locked up for a loan must exceed the amount loaned), which is attractive to those who expect collateral to increase the value during the lock-in period.

Strategies of the top 3 Cronos projects

This is complemented by an interest incentive program offered by TONIC, the native token of the Tectonic protocol.

The main benefits of the Construct project are:

  • Certain cryptocurrencies can be borrowed by traders for short-term trading or profit farming
  • ‘HODLers’ can generate additional returns on interest by providing assets to the protocol without having to actively manage them

VVS Finance

The VVS Finance protocol is the largest protocol on the Cronos chain by total value locked (TVL). Its name stands for Very, Very Simple Finance.

VVS Finance is quickly gaining popularity among crypto holders because of its outstanding features:

Reasonable trading volume from 5% to 20% of its market cap

Substantial initial market cap grew to US$170 million within the first months of launch

Ferro (Stablecoin DEX)

Strategies of the top 3 Cronos projects

Ferro is widely known as a Stable Automated Swap Market Maker (AMM) protocol focused on providing efficient and secure trading for stablecoins and other fixed assets.

The protocol enables swaps, staking, and liquidity pools including stablecoins. It advertises lower fees, lower slippage, and less risk of Permanent Loss (IL) than trading more volatile crypto assets.

  • Liquidity Pools – liquidity provided in exchange for liquidity provider (LP) tokens and a fee earned, corresponding to the contribution trade.

Diligent and self-study

Future Venture has analyzed and evaluated Cronos in detail, based on the above information, the team hopes that you will be more confident when deciding to invest in $CRO long-term.

Strategies of the top 3 Cronos projects

All information above is evaluated based on the subjective opinion of the author. You can make your own top 3 Cronos projects list based on the following criteria:

  • The project has been appraised
  • The safe project, certified by the community
  • The project was initiated by a reputable expert
  • The project is recommended on reputable forums about blockchain technology

The above is an overview of the development of the Cronos projects. Compared to new blockchain platforms such as NEAR Protocol, Harmony, Celo, etc., Cronos is still primitive and needs a lot of time to catch up with the development speed of those ecosystems. But this is also an opportunity for many investors to achieve high profits when approaching projects at an early stage. In turn, investors need to research carefully before investing in any project because in the early stages the risk is very large.

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