Should you be running blockchain projects and want to take the lead, you should get the best-fit cryptocurrency blockchain programmer. We hope you know that aside from writing smart contracts, this role requires several more knowledge and competencies. Here is the skills list of an experienced cryptocurrency blockchain programmer to look out for.

Solid grasp of blockchain technology

This skill is a must-have. You cannot regard a candidate as qualified if they do not know the way decentralized networks work.

The ideal person for this position needs to show their understanding of different kinds of blockchains along with their use cases. For instance, developing an app for Ethereum is not similar to Cosmos-related development.

What is more? It is necessary for the cryptocurrency blockchain programmer to grasp the main concepts of blockchain development, for instance, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and consensus algorithms.

Excellence in a high-level programming language or more

Java, Ruby, JavaScript, C#, and C++, to name a few, are regarded as a couple of the most prevalent programming languages for developing blockchains. The well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was at first developed utilizing C++. Regardless of the case, a perfect candidate for the role needs to be a top-notch coder in at least one of the mentioned languages.

Deep understanding of cryptography & security principles

As you know, the security of blockchain technology is ensured thanks to its dependence on cryptography. With the evolution of blockchain technology, an increasing number of companies require programmers with an in-depth grasp of cryptography & security principles. That is why, to be a decent blockchain developer, your candidate should have a great idea of these pieces of knowledge.

A cryptocurrency blockchain programmer with a deep understanding of smart contracts

Smart contracts are referred to as digital contracts with every term & condition of an agreement reached between at least 2 parties. Upon the contract deployment, it works autonomously, meaning a 3rd-party does not have to get involved. This feature is crucial as it keeps standard databases and blockchain technology separated.

A cryptocurrency blockchain programmer that knows the ways of writing smart contracts shall be sought-after not only these days but also in the future. That is why you should look for this skill in your candidate.

Solid grasp of peer-to-peer networking & distributed systems

There is not any entity with control over blockchain technology because it is defined as a decentralized system. In this regard, knowing the way peer-to-peer networking & distributed systems run is important for blockchain app development.

Great knowledge of algorithms & data structures

By blockchain, we mean a cryptography-based data structure. A blockchain programmer needs to possess the ability to write algorithms for these purposes:

  • Writing apps that employ data kept on the blockchain
  • Digital signature validation
  • Consensus protocol implementation
  • Verifying & processing new transactions added to the blockchain
  • Balance confirmation

In conclusion, we highly recommend the above skills list of an experienced cryptocurrency blockchain programmer. With it, you are on the way to recruiting the right person. Paired with that list, contact us to get a good fit for your business. 

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