It is important to say that blockchain is a challenging subject to excel at. Owing to its complexity, blockchain knowledge is well appreciated. Discovering the right blockchain programmers for your business can be a hard task, yet after knowing these tips and tricks, you can hire blockchain programmers more easily.

2 most common ways of finding blockchain programmers

To find the fitting person, there are a couple of options. These include hiring sites and directories. 

Some of the best hiring websites are SmartOSC Blockchain, Upwork, Guru, GitHub, Blocktribe, and Toptal. When it comes to directories, you can trust Good firms and Clutch.

Skills to look out for when you hire blockchain programmer

Don't hire a blockchain programmer before knowing these

Programming mechanics

Solidity, Python, C++, C, Java, and JavaScript, among others, should be familiar among candidates for this position. Choose those who have a history of OOPS. With the specific structure, tweaking the program as needed is not hard.

In addition, you should consider candidates with a deep understanding of the syntax of the language. It equates to having previous exposure to and enough knowledge of the language under consideration. Besides, when you hire a blockchain programmer, select one who can conduct multithreading in a variety of kinds of applications.

Data structure

Applications are developed on the basis of their data structure. See to it that you choose a programmer that has experience in multiple acyclic graphs along with linked lists.

Hire blockchain programmers with cryptography & security requirements in mind

These two requirements are crucial for programmers because any data loss allows rivals’ chance of being ahead of the game. Thus, remember to consider candidates with

  • Grasp of Secure Hash Algorithm (aka SHA). SHA was built to offer a good level of safety against cyberattacks. See to it that the candidate knows how different SHA-2 and SHA-1 are and can choose the right feature for the app.
  • Competencies to decrypt or encrypt data as well as an understanding of public and private key encryption.

When to use an in-house development team

  • When you need people for long-term projects instead of short ones. And you will take responsibility for paying expenses such as insurance and taxes for the successful candidates. 
  • When you can take the time to meet the programmer and give him details about the tasks to handle.
Don't hire a blockchain programmer before knowing these

When to use outsourced development

  • When you want to find the best fit quickly and efficiently.
  • When you have no idea of technical specifications. Yet, with the right outsourced development, you are sure that you get what you want.
  • When you are on a low budget but looking for solutions with a decent impact. That is when outsourcing sets itself apart from in-house development.

In conclusion, do not hire a blockchain programmer before knowing these above things. As blockchains evolve and become more and more popular, now is the right time to go with recruitment and carry out blockchain services into your app. For outsourced blockchain development services, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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