The blockchain industry is witnessing unprecedented development and over-expected successes. More and more people begin to build their businesses in this industry and earn money from this profitable pool. While blockchain is considered cutting-edge technology, getting started is not as difficult as you imagined, even though you are not a programmer. Therefore, our article today will give you an overall guideline to start a blockchain company without programming experience. 

How To Start A Blockchain Company Without Coding Competency

Understand Blockchain Features

How to start a blockchain company without programming experience

Blockchain technology possesses a variety of features to strengthen the business operation, including productivity, security and engagement. If you don’t specialize in programming and high technology, having a fundamental understanding of blockchain features is a must to run a blockchain business smoothly and appropriately. The knowledge of blockchain is huge such as distributed agreement, transaction verification, security, cryptocurrency, and so on. Moreover, some remarkable characteristics of blockchain that is different from other kinds of technology are smart contract, smart property, and immutability and you need to investigate all of them to have a better understanding of blockchain technology.

Choose Blockchain Platform

The explosion of blockchain technology has boosted the advent and invention of different kinds of blockchain platforms to serve different demands. The number of blockchain platforms is quite huge and each has different critical features so the developers and operators need to choose the most suitable blockchain platform for your business for getting started to build a startup. Some popular blockchain platforms are Ethereum, Hyper Ledger, LUNA, and so on.

Identify Promising Fields To Adopt Blockchain

How to start a blockchain company without programming experience

Have you thought about choosing a specific field to do business with blockchain technology? In fact, there are a lot of spheres which are on improvement with the support of blockchain, including transport, ecology, management, IoT, finance and so on. You can choose a field in which you have competent knowledge and experience so save time on research from the beginning.

Plan Development Stages

How to start a blockchain company without programming experience

Before getting started on any project, having a roadmap and detailed plan is a must. Each stage of the development requires careful conduct in accordance with crypto regulations and policies. In detail, you need to do the installation, ensure granting access, form the smart contract and apply for listing a new token.

Employ Blockchain Developers

How to start a blockchain company without programming experience

One of the most crucial parts of establishing a blockchain company is hiring blockchain developers. This task will become seriously important when you don’t have any programming experience. There are many approaches to employing blockchain developers as you can hire full-time employees to develop the company in the long-term, or hire part-time developers to run temporary projects. Also, it is possible and money-saving to outsource your human resources, which is a current trend in many companies on over the world.


Are you ready to build a blockchain company without worries about your programming abilities? With our detailed instructions, you can go ahead to form your own business in this dynamic and innovative industry with promising successes and achievements. Also, if you want to find some blockchain solutions, you can try to contact SmartOSC to get the best advice.

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