Companies have yet to see the growth that crypto exchanges and cryptocurrency have experienced. However, rapid growth risks reputational damage if businesses are not prepared to scale their customer service processes to meet increased consumer demand. So, how to improve your crypto customer service? Here are seven concrete steps they can take.

Set up a complaint hotline

Poor customer service leads to new regulations and costs businesses millions to billions annually. As a result, businesses must make it possible for their customers to contact them to hear their concerns.

There is no reason to invest in a large call center. On the other hand, a simple complaint hotline is a more convenient and cost-effective solution.

The cost of running call centers has been significantly reduced in recent years due to automation, making it more affordable to outsource all of your customer service issues.

Monitor customer interactions

Companies that use cryptocurrencies must also develop methods for tracking customer interactions. These methods of monitoring customer interactions, however, can be inexpensive and easy.

Businesses can also obtain low-cost or free software that allows for adequate record-keeping. Furthermore, something as simple and free as a Google spreadsheet can be used for this purpose.

If your cryptocurrency company has an in-house database, you can use it to track your customer interactions.

Implement multi-linguistic customer support

Indeed, cryptocurrency has become a worldwide sensation. With many clients in different countries, this service should be available in multiple languages to meet global demand.

How to improve your crypto project's customer service

Use advanced technology

A good customer care service provides the best combination of technological and human resources to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve the crypto customer service experience.

It would help if you looked for universal service delivery, advanced analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills.

Provide self-services

Many online customers prefer self-service to contacting a company’s customer support staff. As a result, firms must develop a solid knowledge base to meet their customers’ needs.

They must also find solutions to their problems independently, using helpful articles and guides to assist clients in finding the best answers to their questions and concerns.

Furthermore, localized and multilingual FAQ sites and knowledge bases contribute to a better overall crypto customer experience. But that’s not all.

Hire professional agents

Several other low-cost channels of communication with businesses can be established to address consumer complaints. Examples of these include email, live chat, social media platforms, chatbots, and review site profiles.

Most crypto exchange users seek assistance in a risky and challenging industry. As a result, having engaged and highly skilled customer service personnel is critical.

Professional human interaction can help clients feel more at ease when exchanging or trading cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it improves the overall crypto customer experience.

Implement a “Follow-The-Sun” service framework 

Customers looking to trade cryptocurrency will have different time zones and regions. A customer experience partner who works across multiple geographies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, can satisfy customers, generate more business, and increase revenue. Having various locations ensures system continuity in the event of a significant outage.


Consumer protection is at the heart of all regulations. Unfortunately, many cryptocurrency websites offer no customer support. The lack of adequate customer service resources has resulted in a significant gap in the overall crypto customer service experience. With seven ways, businesses can immediately take reasonable and actionable steps to satisfy frustrated and dissatisfied customers.

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