The smart contract audit approach assists developers in quickly finding vulnerabilities and defects before deploying smart contracts by looking at the code that supports the contracts’ terms and conditions.

This article will discuss the critical vulnerabilities in a smart contract audit and answer various questions on the five benefits of smart contract audit services and why they are important.

1. What is a Smart Contract Audit?

Gain these 5 benefits from smart contract audit services

A smart contract audit is like a financial audit because it involves a methodical examination and analysis of the code used by a smart contract to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. Smart contract audits are essentially used to show that the code will function as intended. This procedure is used to identify errors, issues, and security flaws in the code. The significance of smart contract audits is multifaceted, as we will discuss further below.

Smart contract audits are required because most contracts deal with financial assets (cryptocurrencies) and can cause significant losses if poor actors exploit them. Audits include thorough analysis, automated formal verification, static analysis, and manual review.

2. Benefits of Smart Contract Audit services

Gain these 5 benefits from smart contract audit services

Smart contract audits have several benefits. Overall, they provide preventative security measures for unchangeable code.

  • Avoid Errors: Auditing code before adding it to the blockchain can help prevent potentially disastrous flaws after launch. The double-edged sword of blockchain immutability will prevent smart contract errors from being changed after the smart contract has been broadcasted to the network.
  • Expert Review: Having committed experts review the code and help sort cognitive and behavioral biases caused by code auto-verification can make a massive difference in the success of a blockchain project (and a set of smart contracts).
  • Easy Integration: To perform continuous security analysis, current tools integrate into heterogeneous development environments.
  • Automated verifications: Checks can be set up automatically to monitor security vulnerabilities as code is written and changed.
  • Detailed Analytics Reports: Vulnerability reports that include details and mitigation advice will prepare a project to deal with almost any attack vector.

3. Why is smart contract auditing crucial?

You may have already considered several use cases for smart contract audits. Reacting and being proactive do not have to be mutually exclusive. To prevent problems, working on a “solve-as-you-go” basis must be supplemented by proactive problem seeking and solution design. Stopping hacks is not enough; you must also prevent them from happening and ensure that all funds are secure.

Hundreds of cases have hit the blockchain smart contract landscape, resulting in losses across the board. With an estimated $1 billion in assets stolen in 2018, this level of rigor is the only way to objectively show immunity against some of the most critical and common vulnerabilities. As the saying goes, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” and the functionality of a smart contract audit is only as strong as its weakest link. This has even more implications in a fully decentralized world, where there are no authorities to gain the community’s trust and almost no do-overs because of blockchain’s immutability.


Smart contract audit services check for known vulnerabilities specific to each smart contract’s business logic. If you want more information about full-service blockchain development solutions, contact SmartOSC.

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