If you haven’t been in a cave in the past few years, you know about blockchain. Let’s talk about Essential steps in building blockchain apps – take it down.

Blockchain apps, or DApps definition

DApps are defined as decentralized applications where a serverless blockchain acts as an intermediary between users exchanging messages, money, or data. This opens up a lot of possibilities for many industries, which is why blockchain application development is suitable for so many businesses.

All members of the blockchain network are users and small servers at the same time, and they are responsible for verifying and sending data. Let’s discuss in more detail how a blockchain works.

Essential steps in building blockchain apps

Pros of blockchain apps

Why are blockchain applications so popular? I mentioned that they are secure and anonymous, but there is much more to them.

  • Public Verification – Any user can check if the system is working properly. Each transaction is confirmed by verifiers who are peer users of a blockchain.
  • While not every participant has access to the data, a copy is stored on each device of the network at all times.
  • Integrity – A blockchain ensures that no data is changed.

These are the benefits of blockchain itself. 

Essential steps in building blockchain apps

5 Essential steps in building blockchain apps

Clarify your idea

Like with every business and product, an idea is the first thing you need to think about before you start developing a blockchain application. Although blockchain is a buzzword these days, many businesses can live without it and some tasks can be performed without blockchain. You should evaluate whether you need a blockchain in the first place.

Research your competitors

Look at the current market and analyze what solutions are available. When the market is far from saturated, you will surely find your niche or will find a way to do the same job better than another app.

Let your options be analyzed

There are four ways you can build your DApp from a technical point of view:

  1. Use an open blockchain for your application. For example, you can integrate Ethereum or Bitcoin into your mobile solution.
  2. Choose a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) provider and integrate their cloud service into your application. Amazon, Azure, and Microsoft all offer BaaS products.
  3. Build your blockchain network on the platform that works best for you.
Essential steps in building blockchain apps

Choose a platform

If you need to choose a platform for your blockchain project, check out the following:

  • Ethereum – The most popular platform that allows you to develop blockchain applications and create your ecosystem with a language called Solidity. You can also create smart contracts with Ethereum.
  • Hyperledger – Fabric’s platform for DApps. If you need a corporate tool to exchange data in your company, Hyperledger is a great choice for you. To build an application on this platform, you will need a team of Go, Java, and JavaScript blockchain application developers.

Deploy Your blockchain apps

Your DApp development will look different depending on several aspects:

  • About the language and platform of your project
  • Interaction and transaction strategy between all nodes
  • Your Consensus Mechanism

The development will also depend on whether you connect to an existing blockchain, use BaaS, or create your own blockchain.

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