Blockchain is exploding in our world. As known as cutting-edge technology, blockchain promises to strengthen business operations in various fields. Our article today is going to tell you the fundamentals of blockchain as a service (BaaS) and some popular examples of this kind of service in applications. 

Useful Guide To Understanding Blockchain As A Service

What Is Blockchain As A Service?

In fact, blockchain as a service is a cloud platform that businesses can use to form, host, monitor and control their blockchain applications as well as blockchain solutions. Blockchain as a service is also an approach that allows all the employees in the businesses to get involved in blockchain solution utilization, boosting overall productivity and effectiveness in blockchain adoption.

Blockchain In Applications

Amazon Web Service

Amazon Web Service

To clarify what blockchain as a service is, we are going to give you a list of popular examples of blockchain applications from big tech-solution enterprises.

Amazon Web Service is one of the giants in blockchain services as it offers Managed Blockchain, an app that helps the customers get involved in the blockchain network. With this solution, the customers can easily participate in blockchain networks or make their nodes on it. This application also reduces the complicatedness of managing the networks, including public and private ones so the users will never feel lost and overwhelmed when operating on a blockchain platform.

Amazon Quantum Ledge Database is a smart tool that helps users to store and keep an eye on any changes in their database. This application is also compatible as the developers can use SQL or API to make changes, and monitor and manage their data source as well. If you are finding some blockchain service that can enhance the security of your data, AQLD may be an awesome choice as it requires a cryptographically-bonded entry for each login and journaling. 

IBM Cloud

IBM has been famous for its cloud-based platforms, especially the ones which can host the blockchain games. IBM also has considerable experience in supporting big enterprises from the various business fields such as Walmart and Maersk with blockchain services on the Hyperledger Fabric framework.

Microsoft Azure

While Microsoft Azure no longer operates in blockchain as a service industry, they still adopt blockchain technology to their products and services. For example, the blockchain technology which is added to Azure SQL Database can help the customers prove the trustworthiness of the records. 

Moreover, Azure Confidential Ledge is also built on a blockchain platform and all the data is stored on Azure storage instead of SQL database.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle participates in blockchain as a service industry with blockchain hosting in various fields such as fashion, transport, healthcare and finance. Besides offering platforms, like IBM, Oracle also provides its customers with innovative blockchain tools to leverage blockchain adoption.


We have brought very basic knowledge and detailed examples of blockchain as a service. With our article, we hope you can get started in this industry or adopt suitable blockchain services to your business without difficulties. If you still have concerns, you can contact SmartOSC to get more useful advice and blockchain solutions for your operation.

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