Blockchain transformation has affected business operations from various aspects. As it is a new and innovative technology, there are various concerns surrounding blockchain solutions when businesses want to get started with blockchain development. Today, we will go through some vital points in the process of building a blockchain wallet, which can contribute to your success in blockchain development.

Pay Attention To These Essential Things To Build A Great Blockchain Wallet

Decide Suitable Type Of Blockchain Wallet

Before building a blockchain wallet, we need to decide the type of blockchain wallet that we want to create. There are three kinds that need to be considered, including mobile wallets, web wallets, and smart wallets. As can be known from its name, mobile wallets can be installed on smartphones like an app so they can support the transactions conveniently, whenever and wherever. 

The second type is a web wallet, which can be added to the business’s website to support the payment of the customers. Whenever the users want to make the payment, they need to switch to the checkout page and log in to their accounts or fill in the necessary information to conduct the transaction.

Another type is a smart wallet or smart contract wallet. Compared to previous kinds,  smart contract wallets provide a lot of features to support cryptocurrencies more than normal wallets. Moreover, it is also more secure and stable which can keep the users’ information and money safe.

Add Secured Elements

Next, we need to pay attention to security when building a blockchain wallet. A blockchain wallet is considered a high-security kind of wallet but it requires a complicated design to have better protection for the system and the users. One of the most effective approaches to enhancing the security of your blockchain wallet is adding multiple security layers to the apps such as fingerprint, face ID, hardware authentication and so on. Moreover, to help the users avoid obstacles when logging in to their accounts or conducting the transactions, the developers must eliminate the mistake or errors in the detection process.

Using Popular Libraries

To help the developer save time and effort, they can utilize the crypto-currency open-source libraries instead of reinventing the wheel. Building a blockchain wallet is becoming popular so it is not difficult for you to find and select suitable tools and libraries. For example, Coinbase SDK can be built by using tools from the Java library and it can operate on IOS and Android operating systems.

Use Appropriate Cloud Platform

You need to choose a cloud platform to build a blockchain wallet. You need to find blockchain service providers such as SmartOSC and integrate their cloud services into your app. This is considered a very crucial step that you need to investigate your demand, your requirements and the ability to support your blockchain wallet from the service provider. If you still have not had any ideas you can try to contact SmartOSC to get useful advice, a roadmap and solutions for your wallets.

Utilize Technology Stack

Finally, you need to take time to choose the technology stack which depends on your kind of blockchain wallet. For example, if you want to build a mobile wallet on Android or iOS you need to use Java, Swift, Object-C, or Kotli. Besides, Node.js and Angular.js may support your web wallet smoothly.


We have listed the crucial things that you need to pay attention to when you start to build a blockchain wallet for your business. We hope you can confidently start your journey from today and contribute to your company’s success in the future.  If you still have concerns, you can contact SmartOSC to get more useful advice and blockchain solutions for your operation.

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