Blockchain is on the way to covering all the business operations. As known as cutting-edge technology, blockchain has helped businesses with various tasks, especially payment. The increase in cryptocurrency also contributes to this change and encourages modern businesses to find new solutions for blockchain payment. Our article today will give you some suggested options for adopting blockchain payment.

Top Blockchain Payment Solutions For Your Businesses


The top priority in this list is SmartOSC, which has more than 15 years of developing projects related to technology solutions for businesses on over the world. The process of developing blockchain payment solutions will go through 6 steps. Firstly, they will go deeper into your demand, expectations, and business characteristics to draw the most suitable approach and give your advice on new solutions. Secondly, they will bring you to the blockchain workshops which is a valuable chance for you to have a better understanding of blockchain technology, especially payment that reduces the barriers when developing the projects later. In this step, you will go through the experiments and SmartOSC will collect some certain points that they need to tailor the project. The 4th step includes the process of integration as SmartOSC will start to add blockchain payment solutions to your current system. The two final steps are the time for SmartOSC to add some additional elements to enhance privacy, security and stable performance. 


Next, let us introduce Airfox, which is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Airfox uses Ethereum as the based platform, allowing the users to make payments and money transfers by normal currency and cryptocurrency. Airfox released its app for payment in 2019 and there are a lot of company who has integrated it into their own eCommerce sites to serve customers who want to pay for their orders via cryptocurrencies.


Ripple also provides payment solutions for various businesses all over the world. They are also in partnership with nearly 200 banks and commercial platforms. If you require the fastest payment process, you can choose the RippletNet payment platform as it offers quick transactions across different territories. For example, this blockchain payment platform can reduce the time for payments processing from China to France to a couple of seconds. 


Next, we are moving on to Stellar, which is established and designed for low-cost businesses particularly. The services that Stellar offers for the users include mobile banking, real-time transaction and currency exchange. One of the biggest clients of Stellar is Deloitte, which uses Stella’s payment solution to process payments across various countries all over the world.


Zcash has developed its payment solutions which use its cryptocurrency Zcash To process the payment of the goods and services for any business. Also, this platform also supports the users to exchange the cryptocurrency in a minute to enhance the convenience and speed when processing payments. 


From our list, we hope that you can choose the best one for your business platform to support the blockchain payment process. Also, if you want to have a customizable and tailor-made blockchain payment solution and you can contact SmartOSC for useful advice.

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