Like other projects, blockchain projects also need an effective marketing strategy to successfully launch. However, there are some differences between the normal marketing strategy and the blockchain marketing strategy that the marketers need to pay special attention to. Therefore, today we’re going to recommend some blockchain marketing tips and you will have more ideas to promote your projects. 

Strengthen Your Blockchain Project Launch With Our Suggested Marketing Strategies

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Blockchain is extremely popular on today’s social media platforms. Therefore, you need to take advantage of this point to advertise your projects. It is easy to attract a target audience via running paid-ad on Facebook, Youtube, and so on. Also, it is also an effective approach to lead customers directly to your website. Moreover, you can create a forum or groups on social media platforms to raise discussion as well as provide necessary information about the projects. To optimize the effectiveness of marketing strategies on those platforms, it would be better to use services from marketing agencies to avoid the risks of crypto regulations.

Utilize Referral Campaigns

Referral campaigns are considered an effective approach to attracting and converting target audiences so you need to invest in them. With this approach, you can take advantage of “word of mouth” to popularize the projects then the target customers will be exposed to your blockchain project through their friends, families, relatives or just Facebook friends. One of the most remarkable examples of referral campaigns is using a marketing affiliate, to directly take the customers to your projects naturally and smoothly.

Use Influencers

Like other fields, the blockchain market also has influencers who can make direct impacts on customer behaviors and their opinions on your projects. The opinions of influencers are one of the key elements for the public to evaluate and rate your projects. Therefore, you should select some well known and powerful crypto influencers and then invite them to experience and promote your project in their network. 

Tokens And Airdrop

As known as a tool to create buzz for new projects, Airdrop can also be used to conduct marketing plans. Moreover, you can take advantage of airdrop to get audience data such as email address, location, phone number and so on for further communication and engagement. 

Content Marketing

Finally, we would like to suggest one of the most “traditional” marketing strategies but still effective and impressive for your blockchain process: content marketing. Content marketing includes articles, posts, videos, etc., which require SEO strategies, high-quality and engaged videos, attractive messages and so on. However, with this approach, it would be better to hire a marketing service provider rather than finish it all by yourselves to attain expected results.


We have suggested the most powerful and persuasive marketing strategies for your companies’ blockchain projects. In addition, if you need more support as well as solutions to strengthen your blockchain projects to attract more customers, you can try to contact SmartOSC which has more than 15 years of experience. 

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