To serve the sky-high demand in the blockchain industry, a wide range of blockchain development platforms that specializes in different fields has been established. Depending on specific purposes, you need to choose the most compatible blockchain platforms to develop your business. Therefore, our article today will give you some recommendations to help you have the most suitable option in this diverse market.

Powerful Blockchain Development Platforms For Your Startups

R3 Corda

Best blockchain development platforms to start in 2022

R3 Corda is considered a hybrid blockchain platform which is also a kind of distributed ledger. One of the most outstanding features of the R3 Corda is the ability to take advantage of a novel consensus mechanism to link the transactions cryptographically. On this platform, the traders can conduct crypto transactions in real-time, which can be more controllable, accurate and reliable. A lot of large businesses in the financial industry such as HSBC, and Bank of America choose R3 Corda as one of the most secure platforms. Also, Corda Payments can support the payment of many businesses with simple and short processes.

Hyperledger Fabric

Best blockchain development platforms to start in 2022

Hyperledger Fabric possesses a wide range of tools to form and develop applications in the blockchain industry. Based on Linux Foundation, this platform is a distributed ledger which contains a diverse package of elements to support the architecture. If you are finding a blockchain platform that can enhance performance and security, and support different kinds of smart contracts and different kinds of data, Hyperledger Fabric can make you satisfied.

Hyperledger Fabric also focuses on protecting data privacy as it can isolate the transactions and minimize the free share of personal and secret information.


Best blockchain development platforms to start in 2022

Even though you are newbies in this industry, you may hear Ethereum at least one time. Ethereum is considered the most popular, easy to use and long-tradition platform and this is a heavy competitor of the Bitcoin blockchain network. It can strengthen the decentralization process as well as support different kinds of smart contracts smoothly. However, when using this platform, the businesses need to bear a pretty high transaction cost and wait for a pretty long time to process. Ethereum has its own community called Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to support enterprise users and share useful tips, which has over 250 members such as Microsoft and Intel. 

IBM Blockchain

Best blockchain development platforms to start in 2022

One of the most popular blockchain platforms for large businesses is IBM blockchain, which has served a lot of enterprise clients on over the world. IBM blockchain enables the business to link to enterprise cloud and legacy technology consistently and smoothly. If you are a beginner, choosing this platform may be a pretty good choice as its tools are flexible and easy to use and powerful. The three most potential industries to utilize the IBM blockchain platform are finance, banking and supply chain. 

Hyperledger Sawtooth

Best blockchain development platforms to start in 2022

Hyperledger Sawtooth has some certain similar points to Hyperledger Fabric as it also has a tight connection with Hyperledger and Linux Foundation and has a novel consensus mechanism. This is also a reliable, secured and fast platform with multiple functions such as smart contract, fast transaction processing, and so on.


Different blockchain development platforms have different strengths which can serve a variety of purposes. We hope you can choose the most suitable platforms to develop and grow your business. Also, if you want to find some blockchain solutions, you can try to contact SmartOSC to get the best advice.

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