Blockchain technology makes ICO quite famous as the best crowdfunding model. But even so, many projects fail to hit their cap limit during an ICO launch – This article below will show you How to find a trusted crypto marketing agency.

Outsourcing/in-house service

It’s important to identify the specialty of a particular blockchain marketing agency before hiring its services. 


The last thing people expect from a marketing agency is poor results. When you choose an incompetent marketing company, chances are their marketing tactics are also lacking. Review their marketing tactics to ensure you’re working with the right company, review their marketing tactics. Do these tactics aid in tracking results?

6 criteria to find an outstanding blockchain development agency

And that’s why it’s essential to evaluate the strategies the marketing agency relies on—the number of investments you have to put in and their goals. In this case, the best marketing agency is transparent about its strategies.

They respond first with their analytics, especially in an ongoing project. But most importantly, it gives you data you can use to optimize your token sale.

A potential crypto marketer should start their talk. For example, you don’t need the services of a company that preaches social media campaigns but whose account is inactive. Therefore, when evaluating a marketing agency, confirm its presence on social networks.

Experience of the agency

There is always a strong relationship between a company’s ability to launch a successful campaign and a company’s experience. Usually, the more experienced a company is, its strategies will be more successful. And that’s because when they work with many different brands, they can tell what works and what doesn’t.

First, run a background check on them. Specifically, look for testimonies, portfolios, and case studies. This information will let you know if the company can handle the ICO’s promotion.

6 criteria to find an outstanding blockchain development agency

Also, check out their past results, especially recent projects they’ve worked on. What is customer feedback? Do they have positive feedback praising their service, or are they complaining? Furthermore, consider their strategies and how focused they were on these projects.

Current Trends

Blockchain technology is not static. Therefore, you must work with a company that can effectively adapt to changes. And that’s because the latest trends can change token sales positively or negatively. A great example is Twitter’s ban on crypto advertising. That means everyone who has invested in paid advertising suffers a loss.

They will quickly switch to a different marketing strategy and ensure your token sale is successful. Token promotion in the crypto space requires rapid adoption and trend development. This guarantees that your company will be safe when you do business with such companies.

6 criteria to find an outstanding blockchain development agency


The blockchain industry is very volatile, so there is no one-size-fits-all price range. The cost you will incur for your marketing campaign depends on the agency you hire and its expertise.

That’s because agents operate differently, especially in providing their services. For example, some agencies offer a complete package of in-house marketing services, while others outsource some. They are agents that charge hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Therefore, consider this before setting a budget and hiring a marketing agency.

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