Digital identity is essential to the growth and viability of our digital economy, and is fundamental to every organization, across every sector. Technically, you can create the next level of decentralized digital identity with blockchain.

Blockchain and biometrics

Secure and seamless travel

With the power of biometrics and blockchain-based digital identity, we can transform the future of international travel…and more over.

Background checks and training records

Reduce background check repetition & build a reliable record of education and professional certifications and licenses.

You can create the next level decentralized digital identity with blockchain

Healthcare records

Allows patients to share and manage their health records so they can easily get healthcare services and prescriptions anywhere.

Streamlined KYC

Speed ​​up the Know Your Customer process with customer consent through endorsements from a network of banks.

Proof of ownership or insurance

For example, probates of property ownership are used to purchase insurance or pay taxes.

You can create the next level decentralized digital identity with blockchain

  • Travelers already know: Introduces the concept of Known Traveler Digital Identity as a catalytic prototype that has the potential to transform the travel and tourism sector.
  • Identity in the digital world: Establish a vision for the “Good Identity” and a framework for achieving it.
  • On the threshold of the digital identity revolution: Define a digital identity and illustrate why it matters in the evolving digital economy.
  • Known Traveler Digital Identity Specifications: Document open standards, specifications, and industry best practices including guiding principles for the KTDI concept.
  • Re-imagine digital identity: Current identity models are not suitable for digital life. A collaborative approach builds trust and provides a personalized, focused user experience.
You can create the next level decentralized digital identity with blockchain

Building a trusted identity on blockchain

Since we are a part of the ID2020 partnership, we have developed a unique digital identity prototype to modernize identity management for organizations and individuals. Leveraging the power of blockchain and biometrics, the system makes establishing, tracking and maintaining digital identities more efficient, user-friendly, secure, and less prone to fraud.

The system makes life easier for organizations because it can interact with other databases, so existing data stays in its original location. The endorsement is immutable, giving background checks confidence. The system will work with mobile devices, connected or standalone.

You can create the next level decentralized digital identity with blockchain

Organizations use more complex identity data

Traditional processes have remained unchanged for decades, while expectations and technology continue to evolve. Digital life is here but identification processes continue to rely on paper documents. Blockchain-enabled digital identities can assist in important areas:

  • Secure new models: Desire to build a more personalized relationship and provide service with the consumer but need to make sure the person is who they really are.
  • Protection against fraud: Identity fraud is on the rise and cyberattacks are now the norm.
  • Maintain compliance: Data privacy regulations are becoming more stringent globally, making compliance difficult and expensive to manage.

Decentralized digital identity is future technology. Mastering the secret of this technology, the whole world is in your hand.

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