The cloud technology blockchain is now deeply integrated into all of our business processes and functions. Right from watching Netflix to our daily email exchanges, there is cloud computing at the base. AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce, etc. among the leading cloud service providers, used by people all over the world. Let’s talk about Why cloud technology is a must while building your blockchain project.

Blockchain In Cloud technology blockchain Computing advantages

The applications of blockchain, as well as when combined with other technologies, offer many advantages.

Security and privacy

The big challenge of cloud computing, that is security and privacy, is posed when cloud computing combines with blockchain technology. According to Statista, in 2021, 64% of respondents feel that the biggest concern about cloud security is data loss/leakage. Encrypt data accounts for the secure and protected database that blockchain provides.

Why is cloud technology a must while building your blockchain project


According to the same Statista report, 44% of respondents also consider visibility/transparency a major threat to cloud security. Blockchain helps to build a distributed and decentralized trust model that allows for greater transparency. The public blockchain allows every action to be visible and eliminates data snooping. Data once stored on the blockchain cannot be changed by anyone.

Risk of data misuse

Deleting/misusing data from anyone’s computer on the blockchain network does not affect the data stored on other devices in the network, thus ensuring no data loss and authenticity.

Data accessibility

It facilitates users to own data that is a daily need. The data is stored on a blockchain permanently there. It allows easy traceability of data, like where, when, and how it is being used and by whom. This historical proof for all transactions and changes made acts as an audit and validation benefit.

Third-party vendors’ failures/troubles Riskness

Cloud computing involves third-party vendors and third-party vendors’ failures/troubles can lead to massive data loss for the business. Blockchain, on the other hand, is governed by codes and does not involve third-party terms, and thus may be a safer option to proceed.

Blockchain is revolutionizing industries for the better, including key industries like healthcare, agriculture, finance, banking, and more. 

Why is cloud technology a must while building your blockchain project

Future Of Blockchain In Cloud Computing

According to a 2018 Gartner study of the top emerging business risks, cloud computing tops the list. The cloud has become such an integral part of today’s business world that over-reliance on it and its accompanying risks can be harmful and risky to work with. Essentially, the cloud-based model of security, compliance, and centralization can pose a major business risk. In addition, the panic caused by covid-19, causing businesses to flock to cloud and cloud solutions companies, and fail to check the appropriate legal and compliance requirements, ultimately their data security risk. Blockchain is making a positive impact and making storage, transactions, and business safer, faster, and more reliable.

Why is cloud technology a must while building your blockchain project

Therefore, combining blockchain and cloud to enjoy greater security and decentralization, providing better delegation, privacy, and efficiency is the way to go and desired. However, the challenges faced by the blockchain itself such as storing data at every node, further security, etc. need to be addressed in the future. Learn more about how leveraging this combination can help organizations combat the issues that pose a threat to data, which is at the heart of operations and decision-making in the competitive world. painting today.

Revolutionary steps are being taken for the future of cloud technology computing, such as Windows 365 helping to set up a virtual cloud desktop anywhere in the world. The global cloud computing market is forecasted to grow to USD 832.1 billion in 2025 from USD 371.4 billion in 2020 at a CAGR of 17.5% in the given period (market and market). school). It can be clearly said that cloud technology blockchain is the future key to change the world.

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