There are a number of private blockchain platforms that companies can use to build their own customized blockchains. These platforms offer a variety of features and services, allowing companies to select the platform that best suits their needs. Here is a roundup of some of the best private blockchain platforms available today.

What is a Private Blockchain?

A private blockchain is a particular kind of blockchain network where the network is controlled solely by one authority or entity. It doesn’t seem to immediately relate to the current central idea of blockchain. Private blockchain examples may appear to be a centralized network, but they can actually provide some degree of decentralization.

Which are the best private blockchain platforms?

Additionally, you cannot gain entry into a network like this without a valid reason. In actuality, this kind of network is much more appropriate as an enterprise’s internal technology. Because everything is now based on technology, the older ones can’t possibly stay up with the times. As a result, many problems exist, including identity theft and data theft. Therefore, employing private blockchains is the best choice for protecting a company’s critical information.

Best Private Blockchain Platforms

Enterprise Ethereum

Enterprise Ethereum is one of the newest features today. Actually, Ethereum is a public blockchain that gained popularity because of the capabilities it offered. Due to the fact that it is a completely public network, it was challenging for corporate companies to even utilize those services.

Because of this, the EEA, or Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, has begun to release an Ethereum private blockchain version exclusively for commercial purposes. Therefore, this Ethereum private blockchain offers a novel kind of private network that also benefits from those public networks.

Hyperledger Fabric

On the list so far, this is one of the well-known private blockchain platforms. Hyperledger Fabric actually has a ton of functionality that anyone in any business can use. It also has permission access, so any member who wants to access it must first authorize their identity.

Furthermore, it has a modular design, allowing you to simply insert any kind of device into it. It also provides you with a variety of customization options. Fast transaction times actually outperform those of every other platform in the market.

Which are the best private blockchain platforms?


Another excellent platform to consider is Corda. In truth, Corda is available in two versions: an open-source version and a version intended for commercial use. However, Corda blockchain is more suited to financial areas like banking, insurance, real estate, and so on.

However, it is still developing, so any business wishing to modernize its financial networking system should have a look at Corda.

Additionally, Corda offers the most powerful firewall available to protect against any internet threats. So using it as a security system is a smart choice.


One of the ideal private blockchain platforms designed only for the financial industry is Ripple. In practice, it has a native token of its own, and by using it, transactions can be finished in a matter of seconds. Anyhow, a lot of individuals previously believed that Ripple was best suited for the finance industry.

But over time, even governments have begun to take advantage of this platform for their own gain. This platform delivers a secured consensus process and has relatively low transaction costs. You must download RippleNet in order to use this platform, though.


JP. Morgan is the driving force behind Quorum’s success. Quorum is, in fact, a private version of Ethereum. However, the Ethereum platform was modified by the programmers to include a few controls and make it more enterprise-friendly.

Which are the best private blockchain platforms?

In any case, Enterprise Ethereum and Quorum are distinct concepts. So be careful not to mislead them. To attain an agreement, they both employ various strategies and procedures. Additionally, their privacy practices differ from each other.

In Conclusion,

Private blockchains are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. We’ve looked at five of the best private blockchain platforms and what they have to offer businesses. If you’re looking for a platform that can help manage your transactions and data more securely, one of these options might be right for you. Contact us today if you want to learn more about how private blockchains can benefit your business.

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