Cryptocurrency investment has become a new trend, bringing opportunities to many people. Newly born virtual currencies create great attraction in the market. Prominent among them is the BNB coin. In fact, what is BNB? Do you know the information about BNB or not? The following article will help you better understand BNB coins and detailed information for investors to make a decision on whether to invest in BNB Coin or not.

Find out what BNB is

Where to find the best BNB developer

BNB is a coin issued by the Binance exchange through an ICO in July 2017. From 2020, the BNB coin will be built on Ethereum’s EVM virtual system – the Binance Smart Chain Platform, focusing on BSC development (BEP-20) instead of the previous Binance Chain (BEP-2).

Highlights of BNB

The highlights of Binance Chain will dive into the Game Fi, Metaverse, and Social Fi segments. Specifically:

Where to find the best BNB developer
  • Scaling and scaling from One Chain to Multi-Chain.
  • The throughput of the BSC is enhanced.
  • Strengthen and introduce more on-chain management mechanisms.
  • Scale up and expand the validator (validator) from 21 to 41. In which 20 validators have the same function as the candidate block producer.

What is the BNB coin used for?

  • Binance connects with many intermediary websites, allowing investors to book hotel rooms and pay for air tickets.
  • Community utility tokens on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem, allowing BNB holders to pay for games or download apps.
  • Players who own BNB coins can participate in financial investment activities on the Binance exchange.
Where to find the best BNB developer

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