Nowadays, since the Web3 ecosystem matures, more and more businesses are looking to hire web3 developers who can build on top of this new and emerging technology. So let talk about one of the most considerate matters: Where can you hire a proficient web3 developer?

1.  About Web3 developer?

Developers that run on Web3.0 developers of decentralized applications are Web3 developers. Web3 developers believe that the web needs some fundamental changes. They want to break away from the current system and replace it with a decentralized model where users own their data and have more control over how it is used.

Where can you hire a proficient web3 developer?

2. You need to hire web3 developer with these skills

When organizations of all types — from startups to large enterprises — need to hire web developers, they face a unique challenge: finding an expert with the right skills to tackle it. a specific project is mentioned. This section will explore the role of Web3 developers and what skills they need to fulfill their responsibilities on the job such as:

  • Programming languages ​​like JavaScript and CSS
  • Experience working with Solidity and Rust
  • Smart Contract web development
  • Knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Test development direction
  • dApp development with Ethereum
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good communication skill
  • Version control system: Gitlab/Github

3. Where you can hire proficient web3 developer

3.1. SmartOSC – best experts, best service

SmartOSC is one of the biggest Agencies in charge of recruiting, testing and introducing and providing new talent. Hiring Outstaffing Company such as SMARTOSC is one of the most popular methods of finding Web3 experts. It may not be as fast as hiring a freelancer, but a service provider gives you the assurance that freelancers cannot provide. In addition, the cost is lower than recruiting through an agency or outsourced company.

Where can you hire a proficient web3 developer?

SmartOSC is the leading developer and application of Blockchain technology in banking and finance all over the world with payment systems, trading platforms, etc. They will solve the problem by analyzing and providing optimal solutions to deploy Blockchain applications in the finance of organizations, businesses, banks, etc.

SmartOSC always has a professional working process, strictly adheres to standards to provide the most suitable and effective solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction. They also have the best proficient web3 developer with better skill than any other companies. From publishing till now, they have a strong foothold in the field of technology in particular and blockchain in general thanks to best experts and best service that they provide.

3.2. Freelance developers

Where can you hire a proficient web3 developer?

If you like to hire SmartOSC as well as other agency developers, another option is to hire web3 programmers directly through one of the many freelancing marketplaces available like Upwork, Fiverr, and more. You will have access to a variety of skill sets, but will need to test each candidate before deciding if they are a good fit for your project. The advantage is that they are usually cheaper than hiring a full-time employee, but the downside is that they may not have enough experience working with blockchain technology yet, which means the cost of training is prorated on an hourly basis. Theirs may be higher.

Furthermore, freelancers are often not as reliable and trustworthy as companies expectation. 

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