According to, the number of blockchain jobs has increased by 207 percent since 2016, which is expected to continue.

The number of blockchain engineers is relatively tiny. As a result, finding a skilled and experienced developer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are many phony blockchain experts and phony blockchain startups.

The existing talent gap, combined with the increasing demand for specialists, presents challenges for businesses looking to hire blockchain developers. So, if you want to learn how to find developers for your project and attract the best talent, you must use every available resource.

First, you must know where to look for blockchain developers for hire. Whether you want to expand your in-house team, hire a blockchain developer freelance, or hire a consulting firm, here are a few ideas to get you started finding the best blockchain software engineer.

1. Hiring freelance blockchain developers

Where can you find the best blockchain software engineer

Blockchain developers for hire, like other software engineers, can be found on various freelance platforms. and Toptal are two of the most popular platforms with a large talent pool for finding and hiring the best blockchain developer for your project.

There are a few smaller, more specialized blockchain developer freelance marketplaces, such as,, and

Even though freelance developers are relatively easy to find and hire, they present additional challenges for business owners. Managing freelancers, for example, can be difficult if you lack experience. Hiring a blockchain developer freelance makes sense only if you have a short-term project.

2. Recruiting in-house engineers

You should seek blockchain software developers to join your in-house team to build something more complicated. Here are some job boards for blockchain developers (remote and local).

Popular job boards, such as or, do not specialize in blockchain developer jobs, but receive a lot of traffic. By including relevant keywords in your blockchain developer job description, you can help candidates find your posting. Dozens of small job aggregators collect and repost job ads on these platforms.

3. Dedicated blockchain developer platforms

Unlike traditional job boards, these websites are solely dedicated to blockchain hiring.,,,,, and are a few examples.

Where can you find the best blockchain software engineer

Popular community platforms, such as Reddit or StackExchange, have several niche groups dedicated to blockchain, bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Using these platforms, you can directly advertise your job opening to potential candidates. Although most are not actively looking for work, it is still an effective way to gain exposure and connect with top blockchain software developers.

Various networking events can also provide excellent recruiting opportunities. In person, you can collect contacts, pre-screen potential candidates, and observe them in action (as at hackathons).

4. Choosing a blockchain development company

If you Google blockchain developer companies, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options and paid advertisements promising ‘top-tier specialists at a lower cost.’ But how do you know if the company has the expertise and can be trusted?

Company listings such as clutch. co or are a valuable resource. So far, has 131 firms, and has 177. So you must be patient as you go through the entire list before deciding to hire a blockchain developer. However, the platforms provide verified customer reviews and independent company ratings to assist you in making an informed decision before signing the contract.

If you do not know which company to choose, consider choosing SmartOSC. SmartOSC, founded in 2006, is a team-oriented, innovation-driven full-service agency that strives to foster mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our partners and clients.

Wrap up

Given the explosive growth of blockchain hiring, businesses must act quickly to secure the best talent; the sooner, the better. Search through hundreds of developers, select the best blockchain software engineer, and begin building your blockchain project in days, not weeks.

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