Blockchain is a distributed database that enables transparent, secure and seamless transactions without the need for third-party verification. This innovative technology is redefining how businesses operate and has gained immense popularity in recent years. As more and more businesses are looking to leverage the benefits of blockchain, there is a growing demand for blockchain integration services. If you’re looking for expert help in integrating blockchain into your business, here are some of the best providers you can turn to.

What to look for with blockchain integration services?

Top blockchain integration services provided by experts

360 – degree requirement gathering

The blockchain integration provider must first collect the requirements from their clients because they have extensive experience and knowledge handling smart contract solutions. This phase’s thorough examination of the framework choice, database reliance, and market requirements ensures trouble-free development.

Qualified teams of smart contract developers

For any organization, regardless of size or complexity, their in-house blockchain-skilled engineers must have extensive experience creating smart contract solutions. The team constantly prioritizes the business over the codes.

Round clock support & maintenance

Your blockchain partner should offer post-adoption support to automate the transactions and add stability to the business workflow because they are knowledgeable about cutting-edge technologies. They will provide clients with around-the-clock service by coordinating process requirements with global time zones.

Reliable portfolio

Top blockchain integration services provided by experts

Blockchain integration services providers should offer a wide range of smart contract solutions to all industrial sectors, including health, insurance, trade, Ecommerce, renewable energy resources, peer-to-peer trading, and others. They should be able to establish a strong portfolio of smart contract solutions thanks to their distinctive innovations.

One – stop solution

The developers will offer a command-line interface kit to manage the blockchain technology in order to experience secured communication and lower operating costs. They will deliver a one-stop solution with the high-end programming languages and many platforms.

Top blockchain integration services expert providers


Full-service blockchain integration services are offered by SmartOSC to cover the entire value chain and are innovation-driven, assisting non-IT businesses or product companies in achieving their objectives.

With a large talent pool of more than 100 blockchain developers, seasoned consultants, BAs, and technical leads with more than 15 years of expertise, SmartOSC can serve clients at any time and anywhere.

Top blockchain integration services provided by experts

IBM Blockchain Platform

The IBM Blockchain Platform is a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that is available as part of the powerful IBM cloud services. It makes use of Hyperledger Fabric, one of the two most well-liked open-source blockchain frameworks, to give businesses the tools they need to create, host, deploy, and maintain blockchain-based business solutions.


Kaleido is a multi-cloud blockchain platform that assists businesses in managing blockchain networks across AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The production-ready company from Kaleido Businesses may swiftly create and maintain cloud-based blockchain applications with the aid of blockchain-as-a-service platforms.


R3, a blockchain solutions company situated in New York, offers Corda, an open-source BaaS platform with a focus on finance. By employing smart contracts and blockchain technology, Corda helps businesses to improve financial settlements by making transactions direct, secure, and private.

Top blockchain integration services provided by experts

Azure Blockchain Services

Microsoft provides a BaaS platform as part of its Azure cloud services, and it connects with other Microsoft products including Logic Apps and Flow. With the help of Azure Blockchain Services, businesses can create, manage, and deploy cutting-edge blockchain networks and applications on a massive scale.

In Conclusion

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