We are now in the web 3.0 era. So, technically, everyone adopted this incredible blockchain technology. That is why many people have learned blockchain and are preparing to launch their careers. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those quick learners. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 inspiring blockchain projects to learn from in 2022 for you to work on solidifying your understanding of the technology.

1. Ether Wallet

One of our basic ideas for blockchain projects is Ether Wallet. For beginners, this is the most recommended project. It’s essentially a wallet that lets you spend your ether. This project will require you to create smart contracts to transfer ether to and receive ether from other addresses. However, we do not use these fundamental smart contracts in most industrial projects, but they are handy for learning.

After completing this project, you will learn how to manipulate or update ether in smart contracts. And it would help if you understood that this is one of the most important aspects because smart contracts’ power is based on their ability to transfer money quickly.

Top 5 inspiring blockchain projects to learn from in 2022

You will also have a fundamental understanding of version control. Because allowing everyone to withdraw ethers allows anyone to steal someone else’s ethers. As a result, version control will assist you in managing it. After creating this ether wallet, you can quickly try to make other smart wallets to expand your knowledge.

2. Multi send

This is also a beginner-friendly project that can help you learn about blockchain technology. You must create an application that can send ethers to multiple Ethereum addresses, Hare. Consider working on an email for better comprehension. It is identical to email because you use another person’s email address. And you’d need an Ethereum address to send ethers.

Users can send ethers to a variety of Ethereum addresses using this application. It can also be used to send salaries to employees. To complete this project, you must create a smart contract. REMIX IDE can assist you with this. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with REMIX IDE; it’s simply an online IDE for creating smart contracts using the Solidity language.

For this, you’d need to declare a function that takes an array of addresses as an argument and loops inside the function. By the end of this project, you will be well-versed in the functions and operation of crypto wallets.

3. Polling System

This is also an excellent blockchain project for beginners. Yes, smart polling contracts are possible. People will create new polls and then choose from a variety of options.

Users can vote for one option listed here, and you will set a voting period during which everyone can vote. And, of course, one option will be chosen as the winner at the end of the voting period. You can create polls on any topic you want.

While working on these smart contracts, you will encounter advanced data structures such as hash maps for dealing with addresses. As a result, this project may be significantly more complex than the previous one. However, this can be a valuable project for your resume.

4. To-do List

Top 5 inspiring blockchain projects to learn from in 2022

Now that we’re getting closer to more advanced projects, it’s time to discuss creating real-world projects. In this blockchain project, you will build a to-do list powered by Ethereum smart contracts. By creating this application, you will learn precisely how blockchain works and how its applications work. In a simple to-do list application, we typically use a web browser and a web server to store our application’s code and data. But this is an advanced-level project, so you’d need some serious gear.

To create a to-do list, you must first access your to-do list via a browser and then connect to the client-side application you will make. This client-side application will not communicate with a web backend or a database; instead, it will communicate directly with the blockchain.

As a result, on the blockchain, we must write our code in Ethereum smart contracts that include all the business logic required for our to-do list app. As you can see, the smart contracts will contain all the tasks on the to-do list and allow us to add new tasks and functionality to the app.

5. A Fake Product Identification system

We know that many fake products of almost every famous brand are available at lower prices. The effect appears so real from the outside that it is nearly impossible to identify it simply by holding it. However, if the actual manufacturer of the product embeds a 2D barcode on the product that functions on the blockchain system, we can solve this problem.

Simply scan the barcode with your smartphone to determine whether a product is genuine or counterfeit. So, you can include this advanced-level project idea in your resume. And if you were successful, you might be contacted by big brands.


So, here is a short but helpful list of the top 5 inspiring blockchain projects to learn from in 2022, from which you can build your portfolio. We hope this helps you on your Blockchain journey! Begin developing these blockchain projects, and remember to visit our website if you require blockchain development service help.

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