Currently, the best software testing companies all have the expertise and resources required to effectively test different components of a blockchain application. These are the Top 5 blockchain testing tools to make your life easier than ever. 

1. Process of Blockchain App Testing definition

The testing process usually includes functional testing to analyze different functional aspects. Furthermore, testers also investigate app performance by detecting possible issues and recommending necessary tweaks that benefit the app’s launch readiness. Some other important segments of blockchain application testing include:

Application programming interface testing or API testing, as it assures the tester that the relevant application has an excellent ability to format and process API requests.

Top 5 blockchain testing tools to make your life easier

Test node and shared ledger including all heterogeneous components to ensure proper functioning of applications. This is marked as necessary because it supports the security analysis of the system and its resistance to potential attacks.

2. Top 5 blockchain testing tools to make your life easier

2.1. BitcoinJ

BitcoinJ is well known as a library to perform operations with the Bitcoin protocol. This Java-based framework is specially created for Bitcoin-based applications allowing interaction with the actual BTC network along with various test operations. No need to download normalized BTC Core files via to use this tool.

Top 5 blockchain testing tools to make your life easier

2.2.  Ethereum Tester

Apart from Bitcoin J, Ethereum testers is another open source blockchain testing library accessible as a Github repository. With simple setup and adjustable API support for different testing requirements, Ethereum Tester can be considered as a highly capable testing tool.

2.3. Populus

Populus is known as a framework that possesses the test reality of Ethereum, which is well integrated as a set of properties aimed at testing contract implementations. Populus is basically developed around the pytest framework, so it supports a relatively easy implementation.

2.4. Embark

The advantage of embarking is you can put your trust in this experimental framework which is mainly associated with the development of decentralized applications (dApps) that work on different systems. Embark’s effectiveness is marked through its assimilation with IPFS, the Ethereum blockchain as well as decentralized communication platforms such as Orbit and Whisper.

2.5. Truffle

Truffle is the best app for Ethereum developers. It is a commonly mentioned name associated with impressive testing features, including automated contract testing. This blockchain testing framework is equipped with capabilities to pass test functionality, such as working with famous test runners like Chai and Mocha.

3. Blockchain testing tools – opportunities and challenge

3.1. Shortage experience

One of the prominent challenges for blockchain experimentation and application development is insufficient experience with the correct methodology in the Blockchain field. It is certainly quite expensive to acquire knowledge and hone skills to incorporate Blockchain applications.

Top 5 blockchain testing tools to make your life easier

3.2. Validate block and chain sizes

Although you adhere to standard blockchain testing and implement the necessary tools, it is essential to investigate the block size and chain size. Determining the correct block size and chain size will help to avoid any kind of error related to Blockchain applications.

3.3. Substandard test scheme

Less importance is given to testing when compared to the overall programming process. This often leads to the formation of a Blockchain application development domain with little or no dedicated testers to investigate and evaluate Blockchain products. Currently, the testing strategy being implemented is substandard resulting in ineffective Blockchain application testing.

With a clear description of the importance of blockchain application testing and related common tools, you are also informed of the important challenges associated with the blockchain testing process.

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