Launched in 2020, NEAR Protocol is gradually being trusted by many to be a serious competitor to Ethereum 2.0 with its low network cost and high scalability. Let’s talk about the Top 4 NEAR protocol development services. 

1. What is NEAR protocol development 

NEAR is a Crypto investment platform developed toward decentralized blockchain. This is considered an ideal ecosystem for Dapps to operate. The NEAR platform has overcome most of the limitations of traditional cryptocurrency investment platforms, such as Low transaction volume, slow transaction speed, and poor compatibility.

Near Protocol is a shared blockchain network with a proof-of-stake consensus protocol. That is to say. It is a highly scalable, low-cost platform that helps developers create decentralized applications on it.

Top 4 NEAR protocol development services

Currently, most blockchains choose to expand the network by setting up hardware, almost full nodes with high concentration. The solution Near Protocol offers to take advantage of the global community’s power to allow the establishment of a network. Developers and participants can run a network Node easily supported by the Near Collective community.

2. NEAR protocol mechanism

NEAR is based on Protocol, so it is an easy-to-use PoS blockchain. Therefore, although it has just been introduced in the virtual currency investment market, quite a few projects have been built and developed on this platform. For example:

Flux: A decentralized protocol launched on the NEAR platform in August 2020.

Mintbase: This platform features a simple and low fee to issue and sell NFT cryptocurrencies.

Paras: NEAR focuses on high-quality artwork by artists.

NEAR Foundation: Features support and development of the NEAR ecosystem and its community.

Top 4 NEAR protocol development services

3. Top 4 NEAR protocol development services 

3.1. SmartOSC – idea for future protocol development services

In July 2021, SmartOSC was named Potential Commercial Partner of the Year at the Adobe Commerce APAC Partner Connect FY20 event. This is an annual event to honor partners who have contributed to the business growth of Magento, Adobe Commerce, and customer success. At the same time, SmartOSC is also a pioneer in Southeast Asia honored at this event.

SmartOCS is the best protocol development service in Asia blockchain services. {add more about SmartOSC’s blockchain development services: NFT Marketplace, smart contracts, …}

Top 4 NEAR protocol development services

3.2. LeewayHertz 

LeewayHertz is a leading web3-focused software development company providing tailored digital solutions to businesses worldwide. Our team of over 250 comprehensive developers, designers, and innovators has designed and developed over 100 digital solutions across industry verticals. 

This is known as the leading company in the field of blockchain in the European and American markets. Currently, the company’s protocol development service projects are being promoted, promising much development potential.

3.3. 4ire

4IRE is a Swedish-Ukrainian development outsourcing service provider with over ten years of experience and multiple cases in the DeFi and Fintech markets. We deliver exceptional results on every project with our team’s cutting-edge technological expertise providing innovative blockchain solutions to each client.


NEARWEEK has extensive expertise in building diverse end-to-end blockchain-based solutions on top of the NEAR protocol, from crypto wallets and dApps to exchange bridges.

NEARWEEK also provides comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure that the products we build for you are optimized for technological advancements to keep them running without downtime.

The NEAR ecosystem is gradually developing and perfecting to become a practical assistant for users in a time when there are many competitors. With meager cost, fast and safe transaction volume processing system, advanced core technology, etc., we can completely believe that NEAR will boom in the future.

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