Blockchain technology is becoming more and more popular. Followed by that is many great companies’ blockchainization. This topic is about top 10 industry-leading companies using blockchain technology.

1. Intesa Sanpaolo

As a famous Italian banking company, Intesa Sanpaolo always renews itself to catch up with world trends. This is one of the newest companies in Italy that applies blockchain technology in finance management (validating trading data). Open Timestamps protocol that uses Bitcoin to power the system is used widely now in this banking trading system. 


Top 10 industry-leading companies using blockchain technology

Using blockchain technology since the end of March 2020, the banking HSBC intends to use blockchain base – platform to complete trading management. Moreover,  based on a digital and decentralized Vault platform, HSBC intends to allow the investors to finally track their money in real-time and install many private features. 

3. Unilever

Unilever is one of the most successful companies using blockchain technology in the supply chain list. As a high tech management company, Unilever’s ambition is tracking all of their transactions in the supply chain. More so, they can track the suppliers in order to maintain the quality as well.

4. Ford

Top 10 industry-leading companies using blockchain technology

Ford is another successful company using unique technology. Working with IBM, Ford is going to use blockchain technology to track its raw materials like cobalt from the suppliers to make sure that Ford’s material is getting an authentic product. Hardly when the cobalt is mined did they are got on the ledger, and go straight to the factory

5. Pfizer

Succeed in medical fields, especially in covid 19 vaccinated, Pfizer is well known all over the world. But not many people know that Pfizer’s success is due in large part to blockchain technology. Together with Biogens, Pfizer led Clinical Supply Blockchain Working Group (CSBWG). This technology allows them to complete proof of tracking records and check the digital inventory of pharmaceutical products.

6. AIA Group. 

As well as a big insurance company’s success in blockchainization, AIA is launching a project for bancassurance solutions with their partner banks. According to the AIA CEO, this solution is going to create a revolution in management. And with blockchain technology power, they can easily share the policy data and documents without worrying about hacker attachment. 

Top 10 industry-leading companies using blockchain technology

7. Prudential Financial

Known as one of the public companies using blockchain technology in insurance, Prudential’s planning is to use this power technology for ensuring that their activities in insurance are not fraudulent.  To supply a better service, blockchain technology will create a new age in managing and customer caring. 

8. People’s Bank of China

Looking for blockchain as a trading business solution, People’s Bank of China is willing to use this platform to make an ecosystem where partner banking companies can engage in cross-border trading in easy ways in the Macau Bay Area, Hong Kong, and Guangdong.

9. UAE’s National Airline

Together with Winding Tree, UAE’s National Airline – the national UAE’s National Airline, Etihad Airways is a travel platform that provides different features and uses distributed ledger technology. However, the airline wanted to use the blockchain technology and platform to find golden opportunities that could increase their customer reach and make Abu Dhabi an exotic destination.

10. Delta Airlines

So far behind in the blockchain race, Delta Airlines recently announced that they are working on chatbots powered by blockchain technology that can give consumers the benefits they want. Furthermore, by using this chatbot, the company can free up their customer service agents and focus more on high-profile customer issues.

Blockchain plays an important role nowadays. Currently, companies using blockchain technology are really securing their place in the changing ecosystem. ư

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