Outsource is a term used a lot in many industries, but not everyone understands what Outsource is. Outsource is used as outsourcing, this is a concept to refer to the form of businesses outsourcing the resources of another unit to perform specialized work. Let’s talk about Tips for blockchain software development outsourcing.

Blockchain software development outsourcing company


SmartOSC is the leading developer and application of Blockchain technology in banking and finance all over the world with payment systems, trading platforms, etc. A team of seasoned consultants and programmers will help. analyze and provide optimal solutions to deploy Blockchain applications in the finance of organizations, businesses, banks, etc.

SmartOSC always has a professional working process, strictly adheres to standards to provide the most suitable effective solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Blockchain solutions are considered the future of society, marking the change and transformation of the world.

Tips for blockchain software development outsourcing

Using SmartOSC’ s blockchain services brings the following outstanding benefits such as:

  • Ensure transparency: Data on blockchain is always public, users can track transactions and its entire history.
  • Applications in many fields: In addition to applications in finance and banking, blockchain solutions also promise to develop in many other fields such as education, health care, and elections.
  • Safety and security: The information and data in the Blockchain are distributed and absolutely safe in the Blockchain network and cannot be modified by any individual or organization.
  • Reduce costs for businesses: In the business system, errors always occur, leading to increased costs and loss of time to resolve. Therefore, Blockchain technology can greatly reduce costs for many industries by eliminating the middlemen involved in the process of filing and transferring assets.
  • Increased transaction speed: By eliminating the intermediary, the transaction speed is higher than many existing systems.


Bytesoft was established in 2014 with the main fields of web design, software outsourcing, app programming and mobile applications.

After 5+ years of establishment and development, Bytesoft has now become one of the prestigious software outsourcing units. Along with the new technology trend in the world such as Blockchain, IOT, AI Big Data Bytesoft has also been developing more strategic research branches such as:

Blockchain: Currently, Bytesoft is considered as one of the leading companies in Blockchain research and application with the specific product of the Bvote system – an online voting platform on Blockchain that has been honored to be used. for the voting system of Miss Universe 2019.

Tips for blockchain software development outsourcing


Vnext Software Joint Stock Company was established in 2008 in Hanoi, specializing in providing outsourcing software development consulting services for the Japanese market. Currently, Vnext Software has its headquarters in Hanoi and Tokyo, Japan.

Currently, Vnext has grown strongly with more than 100 employees and has provided more than 200 different products to businesses in Japan.

Tips for blockchain software development outsourcing

Vnext always tries to create a friendly and professional working environment for young people who want to pursue their passion for technology. Vnext regularly trains employees in soft skills, trains Japanese, participates in collective activities, team building…

Blockchain technology is said to be the wonder of wisdom, holding knowledge about software development outsourcing and opportunities today to get rich tomorrow.

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