Tokenizing your asset allows you to create a digital representation of it using blockchain technology. It can also serve as a source of funding for aspiring artists and provide greater control over incoming payments.

Here is all there is to know about tokenized funds and the best way to build your tokenized fund transfer feature.

1. What is a tokenized fund?

Asset tokenization creates digital tokens representing ownership of a physical asset, also known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Blockchain technology is used during the token creation process, enabling secure and free token storage and trading, just like other cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets.

The best way to build your tokenized fund transfer feature

After creating a non-fungible asset token, you can list it on an NFT exchange (if you wish to sell ownership of it). It is possible to directly tokenize assets with well-defined market value, such as artwork or digital trading cards. Tokenizing real estate or artwork will cause evaluation and auditing by a bank, accountant, or law firm.

2. How to build your tokenized fund transfer feature

The steps below will help you understand how to tokenize your assets or skills to fund development projects that increase the value of your assets.

Choose an asset

You can tokenize anything you own or create, but it’s worth picking something with potential value (which explains why there is so much “art” on the present NFT market).

The best way to build your tokenized fund transfer feature

Individuals most commonly tokenize the following items:

  • Gold, diamonds, platinum, commemorative coins, share certificates from significant corporations, gems, and other items with long-term value.
  • You can set up NFTs against assets such as a luxury car, an aircraft, a yacht, or even your home. Once again, you have the option of determining what percentage of the asset the token will represent.
  • Artworks, music collections, graphic design, images of pets, sports collectibles, and antiques are the most popular tokenized assets.
  • Intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, carbon credits, and so on can also be tokenized.

Regarding asset tokenization, choose something relevant to the economy and technology in the coming years.

Develop your business model

Before creating your solution, you must first determine the best business model, which depends on the following factors:

  • Your role: You can either be a token keeper or an advisor on how to construct a token.
  • Your monetization strategy: You can use distributed ledgers to create smart contracts or life cycle events for greater benefits.
  • Your platform functionality: You can establish yourself as a central distributor and give people access to different tokenization platforms, or you can manage cryptocurrency user accounts.

Build your platform

You don’t have to be concerned about the development process’s technical aspects when working with SmartOSC. Our field-tested blockchain developers can turn any business idea into a fully-fledged software solution.

Integrate your platform

Your business model determines the platform integration process. It would help if you now considered product/service types, your target audience, the infrastructure involved, and any legal implications.

Study the legal issues

Before you enter the market, you ensure that your platform meets all regulatory requirements.

Publish a whitepaper

Inform the world about the significance of asset tokenization, its adoption, and its impact on business.

Win over investors

This is most likely the most challenging part of your journey. It would help if you began your marketing campaign well before the launch of your platform.


Tokenized fund transfer has the potential to disrupt a variety of business sectors by introducing new services and roles to the market. It will open up new avenues for traditional market players to meet the demands of the next-generation economy. Contact us to learn how to leverage the power of asset tokenization in your business niche.

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