When you decide to create your digital product, the next critical step is finding the best blockchain software development, vendor. In this article, we will advise you on what factors to consider when deciding, mainly if your product uses blockchain technology at a blockchain development company in Singapore.

1. Expertise in blockchain technology

Steps to find a good blockchain development company in Singapore

The most popular programming languages for creating blockchain products are C#, C++, Python, Golang, Rust, and JavaScript. Many software companies will provide you with programmers who have these skills. To create a blockchain-based product, however, you must also be familiar with cryptography, blockchain architectures, smart solidity contracts, and, in many cases, cryptocurrencies.

2. The dedicated and multidisciplinary product development team

Many software service providers provide developers who work on multiple projects simultaneously. You should stay away from them! For starters, employees will waste time switching contexts when working on various projects, making it easier for them to make mistakes. Second, such specialists will never be attached to your product, will not be involved in it, and will not be as concerned with its success as people who create it from the ground up.

Steps to find a good blockchain development company in Singapore

For these reasons, ensure that your software development partner has a dedicated team for your product. Furthermore, this team should be multidisciplinary, with programming language experts and designers who will make the product user-friendly. After all, it is the users who should be considered during development.

Let’s face it: you won’t have the time to keep in touch with the team regularly and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Instead, it would help if you devoted your time to fundraising. That is why you require a Product Owner to manage these activities on your behalf.

3. Find a business-oriented partner

This may appear obvious, but it is essential. Many software development companies encourage the client to broaden the project scope and promise to complete all planned features simultaneously, even the minor ones. Reading between the lines, they want to send out as many invoices as possible. A true partner takes an entirely different approach, believing that the scope of the project should be limited to the most critical functions only at the outset. Then they create an MVP version of your product and test it in the market to learn which direction to take from real users. This will allow you to save money and gain the knowledge to invest it further.

Steps to find a good blockchain development company in Singapore

A business-minded partner will advise you to use pre-built blockchain solutions rather than build them for blockchain-based products from the ground up. For instance, we use the open-source code for Ethereum or the Binance Smart Chain at Pragmatic Coders. This strategy saves time and provides business value as soon as possible.

4. Where to find a blockchain development company in Singapore

An office is located in Singapore for the Vietnamese blockchain development company SmartOSC. SmartOSC, an innovative full-service eCommerce agency established in 2006, aims to create fruitful, long-lasting relationships with partners and clients.

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