While it would be nice to hire a top-notch internal team to create cutting-edge blockchain products, many businesses realize there are significant obstacles to doing so. Establishing a blockchain workforce can result in a soaring budget before any development work is even done, from the talent shortage driving up salaries and associated incentivizing to onboarding issues, infrastructure costs, and negative hires.

Fortunately, there is another choice, and more astute companies are using it in their quest for blockchain development. So, should you outsource blockchain development?

1. What is outsourced blockchain development?

Should you outsource blockchain development?

Since companies have been cutting costs and improving efficiency by outsourcing particular tasks to nations like the Philippines for years, it comes as no surprise that blockchain development has been added to the list of services on offer. Local businesses are better equipped to avoid mistakes during development and realize the best blockchain technology for their specific needs by utilizing external providers to deliver IT-enabled business processes. The benefits of searching abroad are numerous when local developer talent is in short supply.

2. Advantages for outsourcing blockchain development

Should you outsource blockchain development?
  • Reduced costs: Labor costs are one of the most significant expenses for any business, significantly when the number of available jobs far outnumbers the available talent supply.
  • Competencies essential: Blockchain technology is new and has far too many unique aspects for the average developer to grasp in a crash course. Outsourced blockchain developers are a better long-term option than trying to retrain an in-house team because it requires a specialized and personal approach. A specialized technology necessitates a technical process, which outsourced providers provide.
  • The group effect: Outsourcing blockchain development allows businesses to quickly assemble an entire team, from project managers and business analysts to UI/UX designers, developers, and cryptography experts.
  • Strategic focus: Smart businesses will designate an internal product owner to handle interactions with and manage their outsourced team, but the outsourced provider will take most of the administrative details. When you outsource, time-consuming and expensive factors like office rent, equipment provision, holidays, and training are not your concern, allowing local staff to manage the blockchain development team daily independently and concentrate on higher-value tasks.

3. Should you outsource blockchain development?

Should you outsource blockchain development?

Naturally, there is no simple answer to this question. Every organization is unique, and so are its blockchain development requirements. The complexity of such projects varies, and there are undeniable challenges in managing them solely in-house.

Working with outsourcing providers right away guarantees that experience. While a skills gap exists in Western countries such as the United States, highly qualified and cost-effective blockchain developers are waiting to fill the void from abroad.

Many businesses are also finding success by implementing blended models, in which blockchain experts manage the technical aspects of such projects. At the same time, in-house teams handle traditional development, such as UI design. This model also allows forward-thinking companies to train their developers to work with blockchain and learn the skills required to manage ongoing maintenance once the system is operational.


Blockchain technology has already altered the course of history. Now is the time to devise a strategy to transform your company’s fortunes. It’s time to hire a outsource blockchain development. Contact SmartOSC if you need to hire an outsourced blockchain development service.

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