The following article will show you how to build a job description for hiring blockchain app developers.

Company Description

Add a short introduction to your company and describe your work culture and unique selling propositions. Let the candidate know how it feels to work with you and why they should work for your organization.

Example: We are a highly motivated and experienced team committed to providing a respectful work environment. At ABC (Company Name), we believe that diversity and equal employment opportunities among team members are critical to our success as a global business. We provide a collaborative work environment and seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented professionals from a globally diverse pool of candidates. We are one of the fastest growing companies “in place” and there are many opportunities to grow with us.

Blockchain Developer Job Description

Sample job description for hiring blockchain app developers

Clearly state your requirements along with the tasks that the prospective candidate will perform upon joining your organization. Be specific and specific with your objectives so that the candidate knows exactly what to expect from the job opportunity.

Blockchain Developer Job Responsibilities

You need to clearly define the responsibilities associated with the job you are looking for in the right candidate. Specifically, list all the key responsibilities that you would fulfill if the candidate were to join your organization.


– Participate in the development of Blockchain applications using the Ethereum/HyperLedger platform;

– Participate in the entire Blockchain product development process and Blockchain research team;

– Participating in major and prestigious Blockchain seminars, events, and seminars held inside and outside the company;

– Other tasks as directed by the direct manager;

Sample job description for hiring blockchain app developers

Essential Skills for Blockchain Developers

In this space, mention all the educational and professional qualifications a candidate needs to have in order to apply for this role. You should list all the required technical skills required for this job.


– At least 6 months of experience in programming;

– At least 1 year of experience in the Blockchain field, especially on Ethereum/Hyperledger platform;

– Experience in using libraries and languages: Solidity, Web3JS, NodeJS, Golang;

– Master the knowledge of Blockchain, how Blockchain works, consensus algorithms, Dapp applications, and Blockchain ecosystem;

– Good algorithmic thinking ability.

– Good reading comprehension in English;

– Ability to think well, take initiative in work, and have a high sense of responsibility to complete the assigned work;

– Have a passion to learn new technologies, and developing new products;

– High responsibility

Benefits and Perks for Blockchain Developers

Sample job description for hiring blockchain app developers

You can list all the extra benefits/perks a candidate will get when they join your company here


– Career Development:

   + Clear promotion roadmap, many training programs are built to improve professional qualifications and skills;

   + Opportunities to access new technologies, large-scale projects, diverse customers and partners at home and abroad;

   + Working with a team of talented, highly qualified, experienced, shared thinking staff;

   + Work with a standardized process to become a professional employee.

– Welfare regime:

   + Attractive, flexible, and competitive salary regime;

   + Rich and attractive bonus mode on Tet holidays, project bonuses,…

   + Rich allowance regime: Lunch allowance, makeup allowance for female employees…

   + Fully enjoy social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and other benefits as prescribed by the Labor Law;

   + Health care: Premium health insurance for employees and their families

   + The company has its own restaurant, and pantry serving food for employees, breakfast, shift, tea, coffee, free fruit, mid-hour snack…

– Balanced life:

   + Dynamic and challenging environment; young, professional, friendly colleagues; The Board of Directors cares and is close to employees;

   + Unique company culture with many corporate activities that are interested in investment: Spring tour, March 8, Team building, Domestic and foreign vacation, VNPAY Family, October 20, Year End Party, activities volunteer…

   + Join sports and culture clubs: Football, Badminton, Swimming, Athletics, Tennis, Yoga, Zoomba, PES, AOE…

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