Crypto projects tend to be preoccupied with various approaches for promoting themselves in a realm filled with fast-moving players. An approach entails giving their users tokens in return for their completion of learning lessons. Does it interest you? Read this blog before starting a learn to earn project

1. What is Learn to earn?

Read this blog before starting a learn to earn project

“Learn to earn” means the approach of rewarding players with tokens for improving their knowledge about crypto.

We hope you know that there are 2 motivations for learning here. First, the firms behind the platform; second, the persons behind the crypto. The learning platform expects players to do it on their platform, which should increase the chances that the players engage with them after having an idea of what is what. They are striving to increase their platform traffic.

The tokens are in strong competition for market share. With the approach of educating players and having them pour investments into your projects by making them investors as well (even in tiny amounts), you are likely to attract attention from thousands of other cryptos and teach players the “how” & “why” of your project.

2. How does Learn to earn work?

Learn to earn provides players with the chance of learning about a particular crypto-currency and getting acquainted with the cryptocurrency world by finishing lessons. These lessons include cards or videos as well as questions made to put the players’ knowledge to the test. Upon the lesson completion, they can get a certain amount of crypto in return.

Read this blog before starting a learn to earn project

3. Who is eligible to get a reward?

Usually, people will only be qualified to get the reward for finishing Learn to earn lessons if they have successfully done the onboarding to the platform’s cryptocurrency product. This step entails accepting the platform’s crypto terms as well as checking and accepting the pertinent risk disclosures.

The rewarded crypto amount shall be calculated leveraging the exchange rate that is when the reward happens. On the one hand, players may pursue and finish a lesson a couple of times. But on the other hand, they are only qualified to earn the reward related to the lesson one time. 

Should you have justifiable reasons to believe that players have been involved in this promotion’s material abuse (say deception to gain a competitive advantage), you might take the necessary action. Such actions can be not agreeing to pay the reward.

4. Risks

The crypto value or price can quickly reduce or rise at whatever time. It likely decreases to zero. As opposed to normal money, no government or something is able to stabilize the crypto value in the event of its abrupt change. In other words, any reward value under the Learn to earn project will be prone to the comparable risk of price fluctuation.

In conclusion, Learn to earn enables players to know more about supported cryptocurrency assets by finishing lessons. Rewards are what they get in return. For more information and support about starting a learn to earn project, do not hesitate to call us.

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