As blockchain technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, those interested in pursuing a career in this industry attach great importance in learning and understanding all related information. With the demand for blockchain growing every day, it is worth knowing how to plan blockchain specialist interviews to choose the right specialist for your blockchain projects. Therefore, in this article, we have prepared questions to ask when interviewing a blockchain specialist that your business can consider and use for the interview.

Why is blockchain technology important?

Blockchain is a technology that allows the transmission of data in an organization securely based on a complex cryptographic system, similar to a company’s ledger, where money is closely monitored and records all transactions on the peer-to-peer network. It can be seen clearly that blockchain is the latest buzzword in the tech world. This is a technology with huge potential in terms of job market and business value, estimated to be worth $3.1 trillion by 2030.

Questions to ask when interviewing a blockchain specialist

Questions to ask when interviewing a blockchain specialist

What do you mean by blockchain technology? 

This is an important question when you are just starting out with blockchain, blockchain specialists need to explain what blockchain really is. It appears to be a distributed and immutable ledger that makes breaking into the platform impossible. In other words, it is the most secure technology for recording transactions and assets of a business or an organization. Blockchain technology is currently dominating various industries such as finance, healthcare, the Internet of Things, etc.

Questions to ask when interviewing a blockchain specialist

What are the use cases of blockchain technology? 

Understanding the use cases of blockchain technology will help businesses make the best use of its benefits. Blockchain specialists can use it in various aspects from enhancing transparency to efficiency in data transactions. Besides, businesses using this technology can have scalability, security and privacy in the transaction process. Blockchain has gone mainstream with cryptocurrencies, however, the application of blockchain technology today is also reaching the entertainment and healthcare industries.

Questions to ask when interviewing a blockchain specialist

How does Blockchain work?

Businesses also need to be clear about how blockchain works. The key component of this technology is an immutable data block or record, where a block helps to store and collect data. Many closely linked blocks created will form a data chain called a blockchain. Once it records data, it cannot be changed. Therefore, blockchain provides top data privacy and security.

Questions to ask when interviewing a blockchain specialist

What is the importance of Blockchain in cryptocurrency?

One question that many users are interested in is the importance of blockchain in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing and powerful market thanks to this blockchain technology because it has traceability of transactions to maintain a secure and decentralized record. The blockchain network is powering most cryptocurrencies for security purposes, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Questions to ask when interviewing a blockchain specialist

What are the components of the Blockchain Ecosystem?

To operate a blockchain platform well, users also need to learn about the components of the technology because it plays an important role in the operation. The blockchain ecosystem is given by specialists with main components such as Node application; System management; Shared Ledger; Smart contracts; consensus algorithm; Peer-to-peer Networks and Virtual Machines.

What are the features of Blockchain?

The features of blockchain technology are considered by experts to increase network connectivity; better security; unknown; decentralized systems; work faster and consensus.

Can Blockchain be split?

This is a question that many businesses are interested in. Blockchain specialists often argue that a blockchain split is possible. Forking blockchain can be split it into two or more versions. With permanent separation, versions of a blockchain provide different histories.

Questions to ask when interviewing a blockchain specialist


Understanding blockchain technology by asking questions to a blockchain specialist will help blockchain developers gain an accurate understanding and achieve good results. If you are looking for an expert to assist in starting blockchain projects for your business, feel free to contact us.

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