The tech sector has lots of job opportunities in fascinating fields, for example, blockchain development. While it is new, there are many pathways for acquiring the competencies needed to work successfully with blockchain. This post will list the necessary qualifications of a certified blockchain developer.

Main blockchain developer certifications

  • CBD (Certified Blockchain Developer): This program involves a certification test and aims at offering deep hands-on expertise on blockchain technology. It shall provide candidates with an edge over others and companies will be more confident about their competencies as blockchain developers.
  • CBDE (Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum): It should assist candidates in showcasing their competencies as blockchain developers. Besides, they will be a Blockchain Leader member and receive blockchain sector updates on a monthly basis through video and email. To complete the CBDE certification, they are required to pass a multiple-choice test that puts their understanding of Ethereum to the test.
  • CBP (Certified Blockchain Professional): It will put your understanding of blockchain basics, blockchain technology applications, as well as relevant project implementation, to the test. By obtaining the CBP certification, you will acquire the hands-on competencies needed to work.
Qualifications of a certified blockchain developer

What to learn for the certification

To gear up for the certification and pass it, you should learn these things:

  • Plan and gear up for production-ready Ethereum applications 
  • Employing main systems for working with the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Running Ethereum nodes on machines used for application development
  • Working within the Ethereum bounds 
  • Working knowledge of Ethereum fees
  • Smart contracts deployment 
  • Write, test, and implement safe Solidity smart contracts
  • Web3 JS implementation

Must-have technical skills

Qualifications of a certified blockchain developer

Blockchain architecture

Distributed ledger technology (DLT), consensus, and many other concepts need to be what a certified blockchain developer is proficient at. It is likewise necessary for them to understand their way around blockchain, how it works, as well as the way it gets built.

Certified blockchain developer with cryptography knowledge

This is an important tool for ensuring the security of computer system-based information. And as you know, it is the blockchain foundation. The bitcoin blockchain goes with public-key cryptography integration for hash function & digital signature generation. That is why knowing more about cryptography can be beneficial to become a certified blockchain developer. 

Smart contracts

These days, smart contracts capability has been an important approach for businesses in blockchain development. So, aspiring developers in the blockchain field need to have a good idea of smart contract development, for example, knowing Viper and other network-specific languages.

Web development

As with people pursuing their blockchain career as blockchain developers, they tend to be hired for the fundamental designing of decentralized applications. In other words, web development is a required technical competency for this role. To be proficient in it, candidates need to know the essentials of back-end & front-end development.

In conclusion, we hope you find the rundown of the necessary qualifications of a certified blockchain developer helpful. It is worth mentioning that if you are looking for those with the mentioned qualification and even more, reach out to us for the best industry experts for hire.

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