The popularity of cryptocurrencies has risen dramatically in recent years. However, the entire industry was created and is still led by the community. As a result, a new and exciting field has emerged: community management in crypto. Here are some pointers to help.

1. Who is a crypto community manager?

A community manager manages an organization’s or company’s online community. They are in charge of creating and implementing the strategy for engaging and growing the community. Community managers also monitor feedback and address any community members’ concerns or complaints.

Necessary skills for an excellent crypto community manager

It is an active member of a cryptocurrency project’s online community, and the Discord channel used to be all it took to become a community manager. Reddit and Discord are still popular among crypto communities.

A community manager today must be fluent in multiple platforms and be able to navigate the ever-changing social media landscape. A community manager can work as a member of the marketing team. They are also responsible for developing and maintaining community engagement. A community manager’s job is to engage current and potential project users.

2. What skills do you need to be a crypto community manager?

Community managers develop and manage relationships between a business or organization and its customers or followers. For example, in the cryptocurrency industry, community managers must maintain communication channels with coin or token holders, investors, journalists, and other interested parties.

Necessary skills for an excellent crypto community manager

The following are the essential skills for a crypto community manager:

  • Writing: This one is self-evident. To effectively communicate with their community, a good community manager should also be an excellent writer.
  • Public speaking: Community Managers must be comfortable speaking in front of a large or small group. Community management is a people-oriented occupation. Another critical skill is public speaking.
  • Event planning: Community Managers are the face of a company in their community. As a result, they are at the forefront of all events and event planning. In the crypto space, many events take place both online and offline. As a result, community managers must attend relevant events in order to grow their community.
  • Social Media Marketing: Most businesses have a dedicated marketing team that handles social media. However, community management is also at a crossroads. People involved in the community are frequently the target audience on social media. As a result, community managers and marketing teams often collaborate.
  • Customer Service: Once again, most businesses have a separate department for customer service. However, as community managers serve the community, they must also be able to address any customer concerns.


Community management can be challenging at times. It would help if you always were on top of everything and there was always something new on the horizon. However, in crypto, this job is also rewarding.

As previously stated, the crypto industry is heavily influenced by the community. While participating in this space, community managers get a front-row seat. Companies that do not try to reach out to their community will eventually fail. Companies are increasingly hiring a community manager as one of their first few hires as they recognize the importance of this role.

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